By Anonymous - 25/05/2017 20:00

Today, after spending five months helping my husband lose a ton, he left me. Apparently, "fit people" should only have sex with "fit people". FML
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Perhaps OP was already at an OK weight, and her husband was out of shape. So he got in shape (as much as her) and felt he could now do better. He was very shallow if so.

No, because by his logic, he should have sex with her.

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Because maybe she's happy with the way she looks?

That's a load of bull. People can and should be allowed to have sex with whoever they want.

What happens when you simply don't have enough pickle for dat ass?

o.O But there are studies that show happy people get fat in relationships are they are secure in themselves and their partner's love. Oh boy, I am so screwed:C

Im sorry he hurt you, but that sounds like a bs excuse. He just stayed with you til he coulda "get someone better". As soon as that asshat gains the weight back he'll be dumped by whatever shallow person he found.

Apparently he is not fit enough to know that "Big girls need loving too!"

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Well screw him in the divorce instead. If he's gonna be a superficial asshat, then be done with him and find a guy who'll appreciate you

Wondering who could possibly find this funny? e-e

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It's probably been said before but you married an asshole. I'm sorry you had to find out the way you did. You're better off. I just hope you haven't had any children with him though.