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awww fun!!! haha family time thats cute.... haha sorry bout the vomiting at least u guys bonded! mean maybe u guys will look back at this and be like "haha you remember that time were we kept vomiting... so we had to go the ER" hmmm.. nevermind thats never guna happen haha wel sorry:P

  chizl  |  0

On the web much? should of said. "You're picture looks good", because that could be a 300lb man using a pic he found on google image search.


50: I see that you attempted to avoid making 46's mistake. However, you're still wrong. 46 should have used "you're", the shortened form of "you are", making the sentence read "you are really cute." You, on the other hand, needed the possessive form of the word "you", which is "your"-- not "You are picture looks really good," but "The picture that you have looks really good." Therefore, you should have said "Your picture looks really good."

I'll leave the "should have" vs. the nonsensical "should of" discussion for another day.