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Today, my wife, daughter, and I get to spend the next 4 hours in the ER. Why? Because we're all throwing up at the same time. At least it counts as a family activity. FML
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this FML reminds me of a family guy episode :)

Not sure that required a trip to the ER. it was more than likely food poisoning and it will pass. obviously OP felt well enough to post on FML.


It's like that one episode of Family Guy

i already replied that, i just didn't feel the urge to respond that to the first post

Looks like you got the urge to reply to it now.

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#6 Beat me to it... Sad face. :(

tell your wife to get back in the kitchen and make better food next time

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that's what you get for making chicken tar tar

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awww fun!!! haha family time thats cute.... haha sorry bout the vomiting at least u guys bonded! mean maybe u guys will look back at this and be like "haha you remember that time were we kept vomiting... so we had to go the ER" hmmm.. nevermind thats never guna happen haha wel sorry:P

He also said "myself" instead of "I".

22, I'm sorry but are you like 12 years old? because you act like it.

whoa whoa wait what??.... u throw up so u go to the ER? that gets me an afternoon at home at most

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haha sounds like the worst family activity you've ever had

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Here comes the gospel according to puke!

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your relle funy 47 :) HOW YA LIKE IT NOOWW.

On the web much? should of said. "You're picture looks good", because that could be a 300lb man using a pic he found on google image search.

The KFC family bucket meal strikes again lol

50: I see that you attempted to avoid making 46's mistake. However, you're still wrong. 46 should have used "you're", the shortened form of "you are", making the sentence read "you are really cute." You, on the other hand, needed the possessive form of the word "you", which is "your"-- not "You are picture looks really good," but "The picture that you have looks really good." Therefore, you should have said "Your picture looks really good." I'll leave the "should have" vs. the nonsensical "should of" discussion for another day.

it's not a spelling bee lil' miss dictionary

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Wow I can't even come on this site complementing someone without getting 'haters' good lord.

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TheIrishJaneDoe is full of win.

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I think you'd make a good teacher:)

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I love family bonding, really.

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um, nope, I wouldn't say that counts as a family "activity".

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Well they're all doing something together, at the same time. I call that a family activity.

how were you all throwing up at the same time!?

YDI for poisoning your family with bad food.

Not sure that required a trip to the ER. it was more than likely food poisoning and it will pass. obviously OP felt well enough to post on FML.