By knock_out - 16/07/2010 01:12 - United States

Today, my girlfriend won't have sex with me. Why? Because my Mii knocked out her Mii in Wii boxing. It wouldn't be as bad if she wasn't in one-player mode. FML
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LOL Okay it sucks for you, OP but that's just hilarious. Even your Mii is trying to knock some sense into her! :P


Make your own game up. Wii Wrestling. Only you both play as the Mii's. In bed. She'll play to try and beat you!!

I'm a sore loser in certain things, but this is ridiculous.

18 you don't get it. emphasize the last part

she doesn't want to put out or she can separate virtual reality & reality

U just got Wii-Blocked by the Wii! Lol! But seriously, Thats retarded

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Rematch playing you Wii but skiing this time ;)

me and #31 Bad **** jokes since 2010 ;)

invasion of the nnnnneeeewwwww fffffaaaaagggggssss

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I thought games like WoW don't get you laid.

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cockblockes by you're own mii, on purpose!¡ and you thougt he was your wingman¡!

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52, Wii and WoW are completely different, ********.

damn cocky hoe. say it's not my fault I'm better then you... suck it up like you're about to suck on this

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Well I mean you did knock her out. Abusive asshole. Imagine what shed do if you were playing mw2.

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haahahaha loser :P she retarded :P shes prob just pissed for a lil bit shell get over it dont worry :P haha

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ahah your girlfriend is funny

op clearly states his gf was in one player mode, which means she was really fighting against the cpu (which randomly selected op's mii)...

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your girlfriend is SO MUCH WIN!

that's not his point moron. he's saying that games like WoW have big time no lifers and nerds that never get laid cause they'd probably put their raid over sex. you dense when ya posted that? >.>

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Well, it's true that WoW has some people who haven't seen the sun in several years. But don't judge us all, just because of those dweebs.

to be honest... that last part with her being in one player mode made me chuckle...

One player mode...... ohhhh the jokes I could make....

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Well this has nothing to do with WoW, does it?

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what do you mean "IT WOULDN'T BE BAD"

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hey girl, I love every bone in your body... especially mine :]

aha.. tell her she can have a rematch and let her win :)

OP had nothing to do with her winning or losing. it was 1 player mode therefore he can't control it, which sucks even worse.

25 - whether or not it was actually him who was playing the first match has no relevance to whether or no he should offer a rematch.

LOL Okay it sucks for you, OP but that's just hilarious. Even your Mii is trying to knock some sense into her! :P

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no wii is fun but not better than mw2

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13: I suck a wii tennis too. bowling is fun tho. I got pro so I have a cool ball with stars on it. :)

Just let her know that she needs to practice with your "wii".

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if she isn't very good with the wii why would you want her to practice on your wii? have her learn from the shake-it :D

lol, the shake-it is certainly a training device.

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ydi for virtually hitting a girl.

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But he didn't even do that...

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fail at trying to be funny. people like you are the idiots who make other idiots feel smart therefore making them think that they are smart when they are actually rather dumb! but all of this is your fault because you are such a dumbass you make other dumbasses feel like smartasses which is really kind of annoying you freaking idiot! so thank for making me feel smart :D

57- ok, most likely 17 year old of only slightly above average intelligence.

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I couldn't see this being realistic unless she just wants an excuse not to do it with

I agree. something just tells me she found something more fun than sex with you, OP.