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  oogyboogy  |  6

cockblockes by you're own mii, on purpose!¡ and you thougt he was your wingman¡!

  Betz  |  10

op clearly states his gf was in one player mode, which means she was really fighting against the cpu (which randomly selected op's mii)...

  Aetheora  |  0

that's not his point moron. he's saying that games like WoW have big time no lifers and nerds that never get laid cause they'd probably put their raid over sex. you dense when ya posted that? >.>


fail at trying to be funny. people like you are the idiots who make other idiots feel smart therefore making them think that they are smart when they are actually rather dumb! but all of this is your fault because you are such a dumbass you make other dumbasses feel like smartasses which is really kind of annoying you freaking idiot!

so thank for making me feel smart :D