By amandapurple - 22/02/2009 19:02 - United States

Today, I finally won an ongoing battle with my family to go to a restaurant I like, rather than a restaurant I hate with a passion. Now I'm throwing up, and my back is killing me. I'm the only one who got food poisoning. FML
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Why would you go to a restaurant that is known for giving people food poisoning?


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that's not irony learn how to use the word correctly

actually that is ironic. learn to correct people correctly.

#2: That's simply not true. Food poisoning can kick in within 30 minutes depending on the type, it just rarely does. In general it does take about 12 hours for most types to start up, though.

Ya theres a restaurant every time i go (twice) i barf within a hr after leaving

wow that's odd I barfed within seconds of reading your horrible grammar.

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i hope the food was at least yummy while you were eating it.

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That's so weird, the exact same thing happened to me a week ago. It was horrible.

it was the same night, and yeah i did enjoy the food. and no it wasn't a previous meal, and thanks for your concern but my mother is a doctor and she admitted it was food poisoning . my friends also have gotten food poisoning from there.

Why would you go to a restaurant that is known for giving people food poisoning?

if your friends got food poisoning there why would you want to go there

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bending over a toilet barfing thats why -_- not hard to figure out

YDI for being rly whiny about what restaurant to go to