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By Leggings - 07/06/2022 06:00

Today, I got called into my manager’s office for wearing “leggings.” They weren’t leggings, they were work pants with a straight leg. I said to her that the other girls wear them in the office. She told me, "But they have a slim figure, you're on the pudgier side and it looks bad. No offense.” FML
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She said, "No offense," so you are not allowed to be offended. Practice this: I'll bet when you put your work pants on, it looks like you're making sausage, no offense. You're not offended, are you, Pudgy?

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I’m fat and I own it! If I was told to not wear something because i look pudgie in it, no problem! Tomorrow i come in something that supports my frame! A T-Rex suit!

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complain to HR. That is so not ok.

"I mean, you being a total bitch looks bad, but you don't see me complaining. No offense."