By Anonymous - United States
Today, I had the Monday meeting that I have had every week for 8 months. We had new people joining today. One of my bosses went around the room introducing people, and he forgot my name. I've been sitting across from him with a nametag for 8 months. FML
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  The_Nuke  |  31

One should also note that they need to make themselves noticable in a good way by way of merit and performance, not by being the office slut or brown-noser. My personal policy is to be in my supervisors' face and find out exactly what he needs and deliver that and 10% more, making myself indispencable in the process.

By  SpammityCalamity  |  0

Oh, wahh. I was in a musician fiddling group where we went around and played shows in front of fairly large audiences. I was one of the original 2 people, and had been in the organization for 4 years. Our conductor forgot my name in front of 300 people while introducing the 10 of us. My mother was on the sponsoring board of the event we were playing at too, so that ensued some hilarity.