By boss stabber - United States - Kings Beach
Today, I got reprimanded by my boss for saying "It's a stab in the dark, though." According to him, it's a euphemism for anal sex and I was being offensive to a gay colleague, the same one who kept insisting it was no problem. I got written up anyway. FML
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  HighasaCloud  |  46

It's about as offensive to homosexuals as it is to black people who have been shanked before. Only in the minds of overly sensitive people who take everything out of context and blow it out of proportion.

  spoo  |  24

The boss is obsessing about being poked in the pooper. OP's comment connected to their thoughts so they naturally assumed it had to be exactly what the boss was thinking about.

By  XxXBadAshXxX  |  27

Sounds like your boss just wanted an excuse to berate you, even if it's a common saying.

  HarleyBlues  |  24