By boss stabber - 04/01/2015 06:52 - United States - Kings Beach

Today, I got reprimanded by my boss for saying "It's a stab in the dark, though." According to him, it's a euphemism for anal sex and I was being offensive to a gay colleague, the same one who kept insisting it was no problem. I got written up anyway. FML
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I don't see how that could've been offensive to gay people

HeadlessSparrow 20

Horrible Bosses 3: FML edition


I don't see how that could've been offensive to gay people

It's like Carlos Mencia once said. If you can take a dick, you can take a joke.

HighasaCloud 46

It's about as offensive to homosexuals as it is to black people who have been shanked before. Only in the minds of overly sensitive people who take everything out of context and blow it out of proportion.

unless his boss is in the closet and found it upsetting that he could read his mind and then make up euphemisms about it

The boss is obsessing about being poked in the pooper. OP's comment connected to their thoughts so they naturally assumed it had to be exactly what the boss was thinking about.

bobman51 15

Well your boss is an ignorant asshole, case closed

After researching... I have not found your boss interpretation anywhere. Go to HR. He is crazy...

HeadlessSparrow 20

Horrible Bosses 3: FML edition

At first glance, it sounds more like encouraging the murder of Black people, if anything.

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Sounds like your boss just wanted an excuse to berate you, even if it's a common saying.

Its a sad day when a straight person gets more upset than a gay person after a "gay comment". Especially if its not meant to be one at all.

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Your boss believes it's a stab dat matters because he heard Haydn meanings in your words.

I thought this was the English FML site...

"You boss believes that the word "stab" matters because he heard. It's the hidden meaning in your words".

Thanks 42, my gibberish translator was broken.

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Seriously 42 thanks I was at a loss on how to translate that one

if you think 8s gibberish was bad, go look at made my translator burst into flames.

#58 I think you're either confused, or typed the comment number wrong.. #70's is very easy to read and grammar/spelling is fine.

I don't even see 70s comment anymore so I can double check.

Your boss needs to go back to high-school if he doesn't even understand simple euphemisms

Sounds like he's a little too worried about seeming homophobic. Clearly he's got some issues of his own to work out