By kaitlin - 19/02/2010 06:30 - Australia

Today, I lost my virginity to an ultrasound probe. FML
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At least the probe won't brag to his all his friends about it. Anyway, was it good for you?

cbutters 0

Was the ultrasound technician hot? also male or female?... please say female....


Odbalt 0


wow how is that possible I also lost my verginity to an a ultrasound

why wud u ask how is that possible if it also happened to u?

ur gonna be a materialistic sex addict and wanna stick Anything thy looks like an object in u for a long time . fyl

MetroidSlayer01 8

You can't lose your virginity to a machine. Your just desperate to be able to say you lost your virginity, you whore in the making. Ydi

win. m/(-_-)m/

xhalighx 0

Metroidslayer, So does that mean lesbians are forever virgins because they use dildos?

MetroidSlayer01 8

@62, I'm glad you know how to read.

Metroid Prime ftw.

basically yea. guys don't lose it to their hand and neither do chicks to rubber, plastic, metal, etc

natedog193 0

someone whose name and pic has to do with a video game is talking about the loss of virginity? wow

technically u lose ur virginity when the thin piece of skin in ur vag is broken... no sex needed


yeah... why though? dirty it won't be there for that special someone.

MetroidSlayer01 8

retaliation towards 110, Fatass

@chikiitaaa so wat ur sayin is tht a guy can't lose his virginity til he's had a dick in him...ooooo I wonder how many guys think they've lost it...accordin to u booooy r they wrong!

fireobsessed 0

a girl if they've had someone inside of them, a boy if he's been inside of someone. u need to fuck

neonblue120 6

yes and no the way I see it gay guys will always be virgins to fucking chicks unless they experimented and lesbians will be virgins to dick unless they experiment not virgins persay but technically it's all subjective anyhow the definitons can change

Kureeziineko 3

what about a boy who has bottomed before but never topped? is he a virgin?

wintamint101 7

that doesn't count and how would you b preggers if you hadn't lost it already?

Noo, it only counts if she liked it

exactly..finally somebody with a brain

amerrah 4

Virgin is a religious word meaning "to lose pureness" Aka having sex. Duh. And its not when your Hymn breaks because some girls are born without a hymn. I swear, wtf do you guys learn in school.

superguppy19 3

I'm humanitarian and an activist man ur profile rocks woo hoo

coletrain11 5

Hymn as in a song? Hmmmmm.

NsThat's hard to answer yes & no. They are not virgins due to hAving lesbian sex. But they a virgins due to the dildo part...

#176 - all girls are born without a hymn. i think you mean that some girls are born without a hymen.

I hope you can live with the pain of your sorry, miserable existence, you ignorant mouth-breather. - A proud lesbian.

Guys girls can lose their virginity to other girls you don't have to have a dick in you for you to lose your virginity you just have to have had sex.

Dr33zy_fml 0

wow that sucks!! haha

it doesnot suck; it probes

That was absolutely epic.

cbutters 0

Was the ultrasound technician hot? also male or female?... please say female....

nolasaints 0

an ultrasound probe not technican, you're a stupid dipwad

cowgod 0

someone had to put it there

technically you didn't Lose it to that- it's not having sex. if it was- you would have lost your virginity to a tampon too....

UziTopete 0

well what if she had an orgasm and or bled?? huh

cbutters 0

@10 Dont be stupid, somebody has to hold the probe and move it around in there, I like to think that it was a she and hot.

jasonsaied 1

no 48 u dumb shit SHE put it in there. or it wudnt be an fml

LOL, well that would be um embarrasing.... or it could be one he'll of a begining of a letter to penthouse.

cbutters 0

@57 Obviously you don't get it, haven't seen a vaginal ultrasound, and don't know how to spell "wouldn't".

you wont EVER lose ur virginity to a tampon! man u shud learn some facts!

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wooooowww a probe is one of those scanner things at airports and stuff. its an object not a person. someones a bit anti-social these days im guessing.

At least the probe won't brag to his all his friends about it. Anyway, was it good for you?

haha domonator is an epic win every time

but the probe also won't return her calls or ask her out again.

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DOMONATOR: you are awesome. so funny.

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Awhhh, Unlucky. x

is this a dude were talking about? jk

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oh hunny, I sure hope it used protection. I'd hate for you to have a little probe baby and just be another statistic :/

I know you are kidding but the funniest part of this to me is that they do actually put a little condom on the probe before they lube it. Thank goodness OP won't become a statistic or a virgin mother.

are you ok ? It isn't like they do intervaginal ultrasounds for everything.

actually 14, they DO do those.

MoCo_fml 0

They said for EVERYTHING.

possible of losing your virginity that way if it tears the hymen? really? go bak to school. in this case YOU are the dumb ass!

I think 14 meant they don't do them for no reason at all. OP must have had a medical need for the ultrasound and she was kindly asking about the condition that neccesitated the probe.

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hmm... first time I ever got a vaginal ultrasound was when I was pregnant - never for a routine checkup. I'm guessing the OP got it for some medical issue that needs to be addressed.

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@44 haha, you said dudu (sorry to be corny just my since of humor) haha....