By SadAndDeaf - 02/09/2014 23:38

Today, my sister introduced me to her new, deaf boyfriend. She proudly proclaimed that she was trying to learn sign language for his sake, so he wouldn't have to read her lips. I'm also deaf and have been trying to get her to do the same for me for 20 goddamn years. FML
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Sisters...... You gotta love em.

"So he didn't have to read lips." My guess is OP can read them too.


Sisters...... You gotta love em.

Priorities.......she doesn't have them

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18, interesting story?

Anything for the D

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"So he didn't have to read lips." My guess is OP can read them too.

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Actually introducing yourself and others is a very basic ASL skill. It's one of the first things they teach you if you take it as a course.

#33, He didn't ask why she introduced them to each other. He asked how. Of which #5 answered.

#36.. Are you brain dead? 33 clearly explained that OP's sister would've learnt that first thing in her class. Ie, the HOW, not the WHY.

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plus its not like OP and the boyfriend can't communicate to non-signing people. Deaf people have to do this as a natural consequence of living in a hearing world. And they can obviously communicate with each other.

well that was a hard fail

Let's also not forget that writing and text aren't outta the question. OP said they were deaf; deaf =/= blind

Well at least if she breaks up with him she can still sign with you

She doesn't seem like the person I'd like to communicate with.

Well, she is his sister...

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32, exactly.

Look on the bright matter what the reason, at least she's learning. Sorry it did take a boyfriend for her to do so, though,

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that's just arrogant.... but at least she'll know it now. people only care when it's convenient to them. :/

Yes, but when her and new boyfriend break up (chances are good statistically, plus she doesn't seem like a nice person), she'll refuse to sign as it makes her sad and reminds get of her ex. I'm surprised the parents didn't make her learn, assuming they were both children when it was found he were deaf or he lost his hearing.

Be sure to teach her "You're an asshole."

lmao it would be funny!

#11, but convince her that it means, "You're amazing, I love you" or something else that is similarly sweet

Your sister is an arrogant asshole.

That's the joy of having a dister


Dister (noun): A sister who disrespects you. :)

Understand why you're upset OP... I'm sure she'll want to practice too, don't help her!