nemesandr26 Say more :
OP here. Just to clarify it was a small fence(with decorative purposes), that you put next to flowers. Since the car is an SUV, I didn't see it. I didn't know it was there, because my dad took it from it's original place and put it on the grass.
By nemesandr26 - / Monday 14 April 2014 18:54 / Romania - Timisoara
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By  skittyskatbrat  |  19

#39, I have driven a large SUV. And a big full-sized van. And if you can't see behind you, you HAVE to look before you get into it. That's just part of driving. If you don't check? You'll hit a fence...or a dog...or a kid. NEVER back up if you can't see what you are backing into, ever ever ever ever. EVER. Take the extra five seconds before getting into it so that you can look. If you get into it and realize you can't see behind you? You put it in park, get out, and take a quick look. The OP learned a lesson about responsible driving and all he hit was a small fence...he should count his blessings.
I'm just glad it was a fence and not someone's dog napping in the yard.

By  Clioo_fml  |  17

Hey, you hit two birds with one stone! Not only did you show that you can be useful driving, but now you've also given him the opportunity to get a newer fence. He'll thank you one day!


  nemesandr26  |  11

In one of my replies I explained the situation how it happened. I try to pay attention and drive safely. I always hated douchebag drivers. Hope you understand :)

  Tthug  |  34

First time driving learning on an SUV makes more sense. That's reasonable. Haha. I'm sorry. Rough day. Hope your dad isn't too pissed.