By Human fly - 21/04/2013 06:20 - Canada - Maple Ridge

Today, I put up one of those hanging fly catchers in my room due to the unsettling amount of flies in the house. I remarked how stupid flies were to land on them. Within an hour, I got up and walked straight into it. FML
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perdix 29

Did you manage to peel yourself and survive? If so, Homo sapiens: 1 Musca domestica: 0 USA! USA! USA!


sailorzoe 14

If he was smart he would clean his nasty ass house and there wouldn't be flies.

What a sticky situation.

BlueFlatts 20

If OP was smart he/she wouldn't have stuck it in his/her walking area and presumably at face level. Score zero for common sense.

Blind as the flies

Roskosity 22

Soon you will become their leader and be called Lord of the Flies.

shoot! you beat me to my own joke!!

kyu_Q 19

Flies aren't blind. They are attracted to the sticks substance on the flycatcher. Which they see as food. Plus landing on it is the only way they can taste if it's good to eat or not.

LoneBooker88 16

so he's gonna be on an island full of naked guys where they kill each other? *feel pity*

TorturedXeno 27

You were saying, OP? :)

euphoricness 28

He was saying he walked in a fly catcher, duh

18/ ~He was walking INSIDE a fly catcher?! Shit, what kind of flies do you need such a big trap for?!~

euphoricness 28

37- flies that are big enough for it, duh!

its bait to flies the op is just dumb

Haha oh man. Were there flies already stuck on it??

Karmas kind of a bitch haha it's ok op everyone eventually does it

kyu_Q 19

No I think some of those homeless, starving, dying people are getting their comeuppance from Karma.

This has happened to me so many times. Your not alone!

Her not alone what?

SystemofaBlink41 27

Sounds like caveman talk...

What did you have for breakfast? FLYS

Dairyking 8


perdix 29

Did you manage to peel yourself and survive? If so, Homo sapiens: 1 Musca domestica: 0 USA! USA! USA!

Op is from Canada.... Yay Canada :)

perdix 29

#26, when you guys do something good, we claim you as Honorary Americans ;)

StarThrower 17

A silly mistake? No, a strategic diplomatic move. Now they see you as one of them. Next step - establish communication.