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Freaky dreams

Today, I took an extra Xanax to help with my anxiety, then went to sleep. I guess it was probably too much, because I woke up a few hours later, freaking out and panicking because I was convinced I was a bee trapped in a human body. FML
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  41swags  |  9

I know Sleep Paralysis sucks, but you should learn how to turn it into lucid dreams! Many people in the lucid dreaming community would love your problem!

  Brightbulb  |  39

#27 not necessarily, I'm a lucid dreamer and my sedatives I take at night give me sleep paralysis. It at times works well, but at others can be terrifying and to be honest the bad nights are enough to be willing to change my meds to avoid it.

  jazzy_123  |  20

37, I believe I went into a lucid dream once. It turned into a nightmare though :/ anytime I stepped in front of a mirror I didn't see my reflection and when I stepped out of the way, I was in the mirror. It was weird, I tried screaming and I couldn't, and it was hard to wake myself up. Scariest thing ever!

  granCanyon  |  12

I know people won't like my comments because nowadays drugs like xanax are extremely overused. I have a anxiety disorder too but I would never take crap like benzodiazepines. Why take drugs instead of facing your fears? Yes, I have panic attacks but it's still better than being addicted to narcotics(xanax).

  allie2590  |  30

65 - It's not just about facing fears. I have anxiety disorder as well and sometimes I freak out to the point where I can't function. There's not always an obvious reason for the fear. Meds like xanax can be used to stop a panic attack. Don't be so ignorant, especially since you claim to have an anxiety disorder.

  \  |  28

#19: No.
#4: To be honest, a bee would probably make a good metaphor for OP himself. He works a long, tedious job his whole life, and caters to the whim of a fatass "queen" to produce "honey" that no one appreciates.