By _The__Doctor_ - 31/12/2012 22:44 - United States - Venice

Today, my skydiving instructor casually remarked that he wouldn't mind "diving into" me sometime. He was strapped to my back the whole way down. FML
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Did you yank the right cord?

Don't worry that's just turbulence.. Giggity...


Steve95401 49

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Quest_ 13

And of course there's always one moron who tells the victim of sexual harassment that she should be flattered.

Probably didn't actually think of what s/he typed, 49. Just wanted first comment. With that said, it's fucking creepy.

She should take it as a compliment? I disagree. What he said was very creepy and inappropriate.

The fact that it's thumbed up! 0.0 Dafaq..

Wow, it was probably a fucking joke. Don't get so worked up over it.

This is among some of the best (or worst) pickup lines.. including: "that shirt is very becoming of you.. of course, if i were on you id be cumming too. Hi there, [insert your name here]" and "Are you a Gillette? Because you're the best a man can get. Hi there, [insert your name here]".

cheezepoof2002 4

says the girl that none ever wanted to dive into.

Did you yank the right cord?

sugarshane007 20

I'm sure there is a fetish for that.

There's a fetish for everything these days.

I have a fetish for your comments! Please give me more! /sarcasm

Nothing's more attractive than a girl who's brave enough to sky-dive :)

A girl who is brave enough to sky dive naked?

Unless they're ugly, then skydiving doesn't really do anything..

He really took a dive with that pun.

sugarshane007 20

He may even 'chute himself in the foot with that one.

klovemachine 24

His chute may open early :D

Only if he yanks the right cord!

LiterOfCola 16

Premature ejection.

it was indeed a very in-descent comment to make!

BunchieRules 31

Agreed; that pun was just plane dumb.

This thread is a planewreck

Dblocker 18

Maybe he really wanted to painfully dive into your body. You never know people these days.

Don't worry that's just turbulence.. Giggity...

That's an awkward fall

Well did you feel something poking your back the whole way down?

Skydiving, lame pick up lines.. Sounds to me as if he's making up for a wonky parachute, if ya know what I mean..

Say something to his boss/supervisor. That behavior is EXTREMELY unprofessional, not to mention rude. Don't let him get away with it.

I bet JB uses this pickup line.

Ah, when I clicked "show comment", I just knew it was gonna be someone commenting on JB..