By Kensie - United States
Today, it is my twin sisters and my birthday. We both wanted a day at the spa for our birthday. My sister got a gift certificate to the spa, while I got mouthwash and a $20 gift card to Target. My mom said it would cost too much to make me pretty also. FML
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  iheartstewie7  |  5

I have a twin too (fraternal). My parents would also do something like that. That being said, I am the better looki...:P jk
But take it as a messed up compliment. She's probably more tense/mean/pity-worthy(ugly) or they don't like her and want to get rid of her for a while.

  jazziue  |  0

Did you remind your mom,the woman who gave birth to BOTH of you, that you were twins and therefore looked excatly a like. And they could have given you more than $20.

By  rachelforgot2  |  0

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