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aaaaaaand then an eagle to get the mongoose and a lynx to get the eagle and a liger to get the lynx and an elephant to get the liger and finally the greatest predator/prey of all, man.....

  ugliness  |  6

because mice are cute
they tend to do well in small groups as long as they don't give birth
they could of been a litter
more pets - more fun and responsibility

I wish I had 6 mice :( but I could hardly handle one of my 2 pet rats dieing yesterday

  ugliness  |  6

ok, sorry just had to laugh, mice are cute
but I know how you feel, even tho spiders are cool and I take awesome pics of them but I have a deep rooted irrational fear :( I will never attempt to touch one and will panic freeze if one crawls onto me

  cole86  |  0

I think this is all just a feeble attempt to make yourselves seem smarter, but in the process of shooting each other down, you are both defeating your own purpose.


I've had a few mice and as cute as they are and as much as I love them they stink so bad!!! I prefer rats because they're more
social and stink waaaaay less. I feel your pain. We had 4 and our favorite died a couple months ago. Then 2 weeks ago his cagemate died. Then a few hours after that, one of our girls died. We went from 3 to 1 in one day. Now she's all sad and alone. :(