By Jukka - 19/04/2011 00:48

Today, I watched Free Willy with my daughter. Later on she decided to free her 6 pet mice into the house. FML
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Yes, letting a snake loose in the house to catch the mice is a great idea!! I don't know why I didn't think of it myself.

Then set a mongoose loose to catch the snake.

Thank you Nimmrodel! I couldn't remember what it was called, I just kept thinking "that damn weasel thing that starts with an m".

aaaaaaand then an eagle to get the mongoose and a lynx to get the eagle and a liger to get the lynx and an elephant to get the liger and finally the greatest predator/prey of all, man.....

actually the greatest predator is the .303 with a .44 to back him up. Humans are just the tools

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shhhh 71. we want to see the snake.

mouse traps connected to tiny bundles of C4. that way you know for sure that you got them.


when he eats them what are you going to get to eat the snake

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they are just mice. not big enough to really chew on any wires or cause much havoc.

No. First thought that came to mind. Because that's what I would do if I was a mouse.

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The mice might be more OP's than her daughter's but she just tells her daughter their hers.

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lemewinks is up your bum mr. slave ^^

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-_- Thanatos, the girl in the FML was inspired by the movie Free Willy.

Thanatos I wish I could favorite your comment

-_- fadingaway my comment was sarcastic.. Maybe I should've made it more obvious.

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^didn't seem sarcastic to me...

^because I really thought that an FML inspired a movie. How dumb do you people think I am??

^very...I'm sorry I just wanted to say that,your probably very smart. (dychvNOTfcdthdf)

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Shit. the problem isn't the mice... but why the **** did she have half a dozen of them already!?

Better six mice than six dead hookers. The smell alone would take months to fade away.

because mice are cute they tend to do well in small groups as long as they don't give birth they could of been a litter more pets - more fun and responsibility I wish I had 6 mice :( but I could hardly handle one of my 2 pet rats dieing yesterday

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I had a mouse. She had 12 babies and ate 5 of them...

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if she has a male and female then they can multiply pretty quickly, a mouse is only pregnant for 16 days

sadly mice do sometimes do that, hamsters do also

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ouch. u may wake up to one in ur face. lol.

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That'd have to be one bigass snake to eat all of them before they start repopulating. Don't they eat about once a week or so?

my snake is only 2 ft long and eats like 2-3 mice a week...

Oh god. I'm sure she meant well, but.. but.. Mice are scary :(

Hahahahahahahaha!!! ok, sorry just had to laugh, mice are cute but I know how you feel, even tho spiders are cool and I take awesome pics of them but I have a deep rooted irrational fear :( I will never attempt to touch one and will panic freeze if one crawls onto me

Get a cat or a snake. Problem solved.

I have a feeling I've read this comment somewhere before but I just don't know where... *looks up* Nope not up there.

yeah because killing your Childs pets is good when you could just look for them :D (obvious sarcasm)

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Thanatos, go back to watching pokemon or whatever. kbaii.

Luckily for you I can watch "pokemon or whatever" and reply to dumb comments at the same time. I'm just that talented. kbaii.

the cat would probably bring the dead mice to the kid

I think this is all just a feeble attempt to make yourselves seem smarter, but in the process of shooting each other down, you are both defeating your own purpose.

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agreed!! ^-^ I have one(: but have owned about 13 in the course of 5 years haha!

yep :3 I prefer rats I have 2.....well I had 2 the day before yesterday, now I have one T.T

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I've had a few mice and as cute as they are and as much as I love them they stink so bad!!! I prefer rats because they're more social and stink waaaaay less. I feel your pain. We had 4 and our favorite died a couple months ago. Then 2 weeks ago his cagemate died. Then a few hours after that, one of our girls died. We went from 3 to 1 in one day. Now she's all sad and alone. :(