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By  asfan2081  |  2

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  Futacy  |  29

I apologize for the ignorance and jealousy of some American-born citizens, of course you've probably learned from experience living here for two years that not all of us are dumb bastards. I think we can all agree that life would be so much better if all the smart Brits and all the smart Americans would just ignore all the stupid people.


Well we could establish a community where you have to prove yourself worthy to enter and live in it. You get 3 strikes: Do 3 idiotic things, you GTFO and we'll replace you with someone smarter and better-looking.

  Carmstro  |  13

A wild OP appears! Just curious, is this person still walking around thinking, "Well I sure showed her!" or did you manage to tell her that your accent isn't fake?

  RedPillSucks  |  31

Tell that to Rodney King and Amadou Diallo.
If it weren't for someone with a camera, King would just be another dead negro, and Diallo was shot 42 times because he reached for his wallet, thinking he was being mugged by undercover cops who never identified themselves.

  ptoka  |  20

Good point, but if the person was originally stupid enough to think it's a fake accent than they will think the OP is just making shit up if she said the phrases

  kristabelli  |  19

95 - It's sexist because the "random person" who "bitched out" OP could easily have been a female. And it's fucked up that you didn't even SEE that. DocBastard did not intend to be sexist I'm sure. Nor did you. But sexism goes both ways. (Duh.)

  zuvi9  |  21

While I agree, sexism wasn't intended, it is slightly sexist, as you're assuming it's a male, when OP never specified. Just saying, not trying to be offensive.

  YacL  |  15

21 - I don't need a girlfriend when my relationship with my right hand is so strong. I'll have you know we've shared a lot of memories with each other.

  YacL  |  15

59 - My left hand has always been jealous of the bond me and my right hand share. I just can't deal with someone who won't accept and understand my feelings.

  Star_Fishie  |  12

^From your friendly Ebonics language lesson teacher.
"Hello, sir. I admire your fashionable running shoes."
Translation: "Drop them Nikes off your ass before I blast you, motha fucka!"

  P1P_BOY  |  6

42 - no im pretty sure it's just syrup(sugar) not the legitimate maple syrup that comes from a tree..... last time i checked 85% of syrups in stores are just sugar and the other 15% being from a maple tree.

  FMLKitten  |  15

69) No one should have to go through the trouble of attempting to comprehend that.

If your going to comment, please do make it completely understandable.