By Ouch - 25/04/2011 19:31 - Canada

Today, my girlfriend and I were getting intimate and planning on having sex for the first time. I picked her up off the couch, and in so doing, accidentally lifted her too high, putting her head through the ceiling. She had a mild concussion. FML
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giantsfan2010 23

Into the ceiling? Are you superman?

bravesfan112233 0



giraffes against ceiling fans! I'm guessing she IS a giraffe after you accidentally lifted her over 5 ft in the air. think about it.

LunaNstars 0

the poor girl does not have to be a giraffe to reach the ceiling. he just lifted her up too high. and simultaneously turned her off :/

guess you aren't getting lucky :(

Jeez, how low was that ceiling? Or how tall are you?

joeismyhoe 0

you must be freaking 7 feet or taller

bravesfan112233 0


kyndaldawn95 0

Either he or she is a Giraffe

KiddNYC1O 20

Lmao #90

It could have been worse....she could have been to heavy to pick up

Look at the bright side, at least it wasn't a major concussion.

this reminds me of this question my friend asks "on a scale of 1-7, how many giraffes are you?" (meaning how high are you since giraffes are tall...yeah) cool story Haley!

MyScrewedUpLifeS 0

ceiling cock block win!!! ceiling cat iz watchin

zendaddy0 0

#90 it's finish ON her

drew2711 0

see if you were smooth(like me) you would have just got on top of her and started violently humping!

uhhh im 5'6" and i lift my baby cousin in the air & depending on the ceiling she can easily touch it so there ya go

ucofresh 4

90 FTW!!!

DrewSmooth 0

kateeh. your argument is invalid because you love Justin bieber.

243, let me start by saying Amen, brother.

bighit81 0


DrewSmooth 0

^umm...I think I'll be going now..

DrewSmooth 0

Bunny, if you started with that, what were you going to finish with? :P

SunshineBoy21 0

My thoughts exactly! Maybe in Canada they have 6 foot ceilings ;)

omg_a_BALLOON 0

Just like your mom last night.

to put your head through the roof? that must have taken a lot of force to do. your lucky it was a mild concussion.

hit her head, get no head.

dirtyblond 4

#90,#210,&#243 all WIN! :)

Kateeh, why is Justin grabbing his vagina?

poor kateeh has bad taste in music. i think beiber is trying to pull her testicles out from inside her stomach

pitchblease 2


Ihatethesenames 0

she didn't get to

prince122 0

it sounds like a sexy position to me.

sheribb 5

how did you manage to put her head through the ceiling ? you would have literally had to have thrown her up in the air

MyScrewedUpLifeS 0

I guess they should raise the roof... oh no! r u saying u roofied her, op? naughty naughty!

SirreAibohRose 0

Awww, the poor Canadians! The ceilings are too low and the getting is tough when you're trying to get it on. D:

sarah_cheverie 0


1.Did she have big boobs? 2.Was she Muslim? 3.DID YOU KEEP GOING?!?!!!?!??

mexicutioner123 0

epic fail

nmearayta 0

(insert adjective) fail

F14Shado 0

fail whale

KiddNYC1O 20

Mega Fail! KYS ^

choochoo! hop aboard the failtrain! or bump your head trying to get on!

MyScrewedUpLifeS 0

fail bird!!! ka ka ka ka.... pfffft!

ivanoff 0

At least she won't remember how bad you are in bed

KingDingALing 9

KiddNYC- KYS = Kiss your sack?

every1luvsvag 10

* Sauce.

MyChemical_fml 0

223 - I think it means kill yourself.. But yours was funnier :D..

its too bad it wasnt more serious. then shed be unconcious and you could do anything you wanted with her! and you cant get in trouble for rape, as you were told that she was indeed going to have the sex with you.

your dads condom failed:P ... bing bing bing. we have a winner.

240: despicable, vile, wretched, repulsive... what other words could I use to describe you?

dear god how tall are you... or how low is the ceiling

dirtyblond 4

Your mommas abortion was a fail.

How do you lift someone so high they hit the ceiling? Do you live in a hobbit house?

sarah_cheverie 0

I love you...

270: you can call me sexy. :)

223- Kick Yoda's stomach

hahaahqhahahaha go try again..

tactical facepalm

heybowchick 0

OUCH! Just like your name! :)

CRrawsum 7

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that happened to my brother once...

that happened 2 me too but it wasnt the ceilin it was the fan..I'm lucky though I actually realized it was there and saved my gf from gettin her head chopped off..

WTF #3 how do u know?

24 My thoughts exactly!

CRrawsum 7

No, he smashed his head through a ceiling before, not while has was fucking. o.O

BugsBunny1 4

Actually 18, Mythbusters proved that impossible.

shrinkydinks 0

omfg! I totally was just enjoying your picture! that's tripped the hell out of me!

I don't get it 24...

KiddNYC1O 20

I would hope it was not while has was fucking.

Decapitation by a ceiling fan? I don't think so.

CRrawsum 7

HAHAHA I've smashed my head into ceiling fans multiple times.

CRrawsum 7

oh, and why not Doc?

CRrawsum- are you stupid ? oh wait, yes you are. youre just a little 13-14 year old. you cant be beheaded by a ceiling fan. first, its not sharp enough to cut you. it might just bang your head a bit. and second, you shouldnt even be on here.

DrewSmooth 0

^umadbro? anti-flood

CRrawsum 7

Ah, thanks dad. I wasn't aware I wasn't old enough for this, I'll delete my account as soon as possible. Once again, sorry dad.

260- naah, it's just some people shouldnt try being a smart ass

265- i guess you cant read either, huh. because obviously you didnt read the part where it asks if you are 17 and older. huh. and your welcome son.

I was kinda messin around bout her gettin her head chopped was on medium power but I know that wud have hurt like hell and she wud never let me live through it

A7X_LoVeee 10

Hey, 273, you're 21 years old and you're picking on someone who is 14 over the Internet. Grow up.

312- im not picking. im looking out for.

CRrawsum 7

<3 so funny :]

3 I can burst ur bubble of I want to

CRrawsum 7

Truce I suppose...

CRrawsum 7

Truce I suppose...

CRrawsum 7

Truce I suppose...1

wtf ! girl i am so sorry. my fucking little 16 year old brother hacked my account & yeah, said all that shit.

Beebow_fml 5

Put her head through the headboard next time

alright... that's enough foreplay...

giantsfan2010 23

Into the ceiling? Are you superman?

stfuitscindeeeh9 3

seems like it.

crewgirl2010 0


johnson94 5

it's best to not lose your head and stay calm in these situations... teehee!

iwubbtitties_fml 0

na she was prob asian

PuddinB 3

right. how tall is he lol

TrackGirl19 29

His girlfriend was probably really small and not very heavy..

xAustinZx 0

you fucked her senseless

mexicutioner123 0

haha ^ win

i think it's more "fail" than "win." He didn't get to have sex with her; he gave her a concussion before he got to that part..

BahahahLOL 0

SMH 226 Fuck my generation.

every1luvsvag 10

278- Suck My Hat?

gearsmaster 0

damn canadians and their gnome houses. I bonk my head everytime I don't go into a canadian house. which is always.

Xoey 0

gnomes are found in the United states as well.

iamfreakinkylie 0


and I bet you still banged her huh.

iamfreakinkylie 0

oh yea(;

Jojo08_fml 0

haha what a loser (:

woohoo, you f***Ed her lights out.

Mice_fml 0

he did more than that

8. i see what you did there

Aznboifreakster 0


How low is the ceiling? o.O

Daerauko 0

ever hear of a dropped ceiling?

dl7708 0

who cares!

Actually, no I haven't. You learn something new every day...

227- stop drawing attention to yourself & put some clothes on. kay ? thanks(:

dirtyblond 4

You're hot!;O ^

and ur dirty :)

or how high is the couch!?

every1luvsvag 10

I would like to go ahead and say that every girl that has commented on this is hot.

polar bears are soooooo cute

SirreAibohRose 0

Lol #369, relevance? :P

do you guys live in a cave or what

wtf? how could you put a head through rock without smashing the head first dipshit

Sprocket 5