By Anonymous - 10/01/2011 17:16 - Australia

Today, an old man started telling me about the high price of meat. I told him I wouldn't know, since I'm a vegetarian. His reply was, "Oh, most vegetarians are slimmer." FML
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Blue_Eyed_Beast 7

How do you know if someone is a vegetarian? Don't worry, they'll tell you...

Ninjafriends 1

He should know that cows eat grass, and are still fatties like you.


Ninjafriends 1

He should know that cows eat grass, and are still fatties like you.

at least he wasn't talking about gay prostitutes.

Blue_Eyed_Beast 7

How do you know if someone is a vegetarian? Don't worry, they'll tell you...

piinkdutchgiirl 0

i dunno what other way there is to find out? im one to =) i always have to tell my friend over and over again cause they tell me i 'dont act' like a vegi.. how the $*@( does a vegi acts like? right a human being

He means that vegetarians are so proud of themselves that they tell the world when no one really cares:)

damn that's so true, they don't stfu, nothing special about you. I think its shit

Nothing wrong with vegeterians. My brother is one and he's healthy.

The old man called OP fat; doesn't mean she's unhealthy.

#6, your brother isn't healthy, he's a vegetarian. #41, OP never said she was fat, she could just be a little plump, which is perfectly healthy.

piinkdutchgiirl 0

lol you know that like 80% of the cases of people with overweight would lose weight if they stoped eating so much meat? ( sorry if i make to many typo's im dutch ) and if a vegi you can save the world.. cause the place 1 freaking cow need to eat life etc before he gets killed.. there could be standing three's.. and you knew that cows really SHIT CO² ?

#70 Did you know 82% of people on FML make up statistics? Also meat isn't the biggest problem with obesity. Normally it is an unhealthy diet like fatty foods cooked in a lot of oil like fast food or takeaway.

I knew a girl who was huge and was a vegetarian for years, what is up w/that? Something to ponder.

blue_ducky 1

just coz vegetarians eat fruits and veggies doesnt mean they have to be super skinny or that theyre healthy. they can still eat junk food like chips and soft drink and pizza. i was friends with one and she was pretty chubby because she only ate junk food.

It's about caloric intake...not what you eat really.

I haven't eaten meat my whole life and I'm not skinny (I'm not fat, but I'm definitely not skinny). It's not just about what you eat. It has to do with exercise, metabolism, calories, etc.

well, this is from an old man so what do you expect

Eating too much nut based products, OP? The first thing that comes to mind when I think of fattening vegetarian food is peanut butter. Can't blame you, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are the most kick ass very quick foods ever made.

They eat all of humanity. I think the real question is, do vegetarians eat animal crackers??

solecism 0

no you can't. twinkies have animal fat in them. read the ingredients.

@39 ... And that's not it. Vegetarians don't eat any byproduct of animal slaughter. Vegans don't eat any animal product at all. Vegetarians are not free to have gelatin, animal fat, etc. but are free to have eggs, milk, cheese. Vegans have none of those.

ayleyyasuko 0

I believe 14 was just saying that vegetarians can eat cake and sugar all day and still be veg. maybe "twinkles" was just a bad example. I think the word vegetarian kind of implies that one eats a lot of veggies/fruits, but in a lot of cases it just means you're NOT eating meat n stuff. the focus is abstaining rather than obtaining fruits/veg. most vegetarians I know eat tons of pasta and starches... not so heavy on the vegetables.

I guess carnivores should eat automobiles then.

Sorry 13, but that's such an annoying question. Are animal crackers made of animal products? No. So vegetarians can eat them. I suppose eating Sour Patch Kids must mean you enjoy eating children, therefore a cannibal? God.

So you prefer two cabbages over one big long sausage?