By grossed out mom - 08/07/2015 13:29 - Canada - Scarborough

Today, when I visited my daughter's apartment that she moved into about 3 months ago, I found out that she buys new underwear every time she runs out instead of washing her dirty ones. Her dirty ones have their own special hamper. FML
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She can sell the used ones on ebay. She will earn a lot of under wares~

Lol, introduce her to the laundromat


Introducing Mount Underwear. Dun dun dun.

She can sell the used ones on ebay. She will earn a lot of under wares~

If she goes to prison they will cost more

Maybe the OP has bad thrush or something :/

She can just /say/ they're from a prison.

Since when can you go to prison for selling used panties?

70, it was a recent plot point in the newest season of oitnb.

not going to prison for selling them - getting a higher price for stating they were.. umm.. "made" in prison. watch the newest season of orange is the new black on netflix ;)

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Eesh. What kind of a sick pervert would buy period(and other stuff)-stained clothing?

Lol, introduce her to the laundromat

If it was a matter of her not wanting or knowing how to do the laundry I think the FML would be about more than just underwear.

Imagining all of that blood and sweat brings me to tears

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I just puke a little from reading that....

Thanks 6, I was eating... Was. Haha

Well that's just a waste of money. Period.

Not if she's selling them, which she should. She'd make a killing.

She bloody well better be selling them. I can't imagine how much she spends every month.

Period. Dirty underwear. LOL. I'm sorry.

I think when you spend more money on underwear than you do on food you've gone too far.

Well at least she's wearing clean ones and not reusing the dirty ones.