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Today, I almost got written up for insubordination by my boss. All I did was explain to him that I couldn't help a tourist out because I speak Japanese, not Korean, and that it's not in fact "the same Asian shit" as he seemed to think. FML
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  raphanne_fml  |  33

That's beyond ignorance to be honest. It's flat out stupidity. Ok, we can't know everything, and everybody makes mistakes, but ignorance shouldn't be an excuse for douche-canoes like this.
Not knowing how to differenciate between Japanese and Korean people is ok, because not everybody can, but saying "the same Asian shit"? That's crossing the line.

By  Vnzou22  |  9

Wow thats so rude. If someone cant respect their employes then they dont really need to be in charge. Sorry you have to work under someone like that OP, hopefully it will get better.

By  91hayek  |  31

People are hilariously ignorant; "Do you speak Asian?" "How do you say that in Indian?" "Do you speak African?" "They were speaking Mexican" FYL OP it seems the more educated and informed you are the more you get blamed when things go wrong.

  kuzzy00  |  22

Which precisely makes him racist. In nz, we have all Asian cultures. It's excusable to ask someone where they're from if you're unsure (or even guess), but inexcusable to state all Asians are the same. That's the 90's racism we have grown passed.