By Anonymous - 19/07/2013 01:03 - United States - La Grande

Today, I had to break up a fist fight between two female residents. I work in a retirement home. FML
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Should have taped it.

Well hey, maybe they were fighting for the last applesauce and prune juice lunch tray.


I guess you're not into Gilf parties? Hot!

Interesting mind you have there, lady.

Oh, yeah, because old women fist fights are such a common turn on. (Sarcasm)

Should have taped it.

Or at least let it continue. A fight to the death would have meant one less decrepit ass OP has to wipe.

And one more murder she has to witness...

Arghhh!!!! My mind instantly when to "tapped" it. I can't even blame that on "autocorrect".

Well hey, maybe they were fighting for the last applesauce and prune juice lunch tray.

Yeah and it was probably like a slow-motion fighting scene in the movies...

Grannies gone wild! Tapioca is serious business.

Dude reading this I do believe a much more disturbing version from what you meant popped into my mind. o.o

I always see your posts and your profile pic makes my stomach churn...

I bet that job got old fast. Did they whack you with their canes?

They probably ran OP's foot over with their wheelchairs.

Which one was winning?

No, you weren't doing your job correctly and you are whats wrong with society :)

How exactly is it his fault?

What were they fighting over, bingo?

i guess that can get... old quickly.

Is it bad that I read your comment with "*lowers sunglasses*" in the middle of it? Oh perdix....

56. I did the exact same thing!

Prison, nursing homes, they might as well be the same.

There's more Viagra in nursing homes.

I don't know. I bet prisoners smuggle that stuff in too.