By Anonymous - 07/10/2010 16:39 - United States

Today, my roommate and I invited a few girls over to our dorm for a small party. We started to play a drinking game, and I attempted to chug three beers in two minutes. My stomach wouldn't have that, and I spewed up bright red chunks everywhere and on everyone. FML
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Epic fail. Noob.

itsmeppl 0

uhhhh, ur profile pic was taken in front of a toilet!....


Epic fail. Noob.

bravesfan112233 0

ydi for having the girls leave the kitchen

christa953 12

hey 41: that joke was never funny and it never will be. so shut up

Yeah that joke is getting old. I bet he still quotes Austin Powers too

KiddNYC1O 20

I wonder what beer...

I agree with 61.

feeling grumpy so... To 9, you look like a tryhard. More likely girls avoid you Bravesfan- That joke is beyond old. Most guys think it's old too. You know who still tells that joke? Guys that can't get girls. Because obviously, telling us to act like servants is totally going to make us interested in you.

72 - Stop being butthurt and get back to the kitchen. Jk, but really, it's just an Internet joke, I'm sure he doesn't tell girls to get back to the kitchen irl, at least I hope he doesn't.

bravesfan112233 0

72 you need to chill out. it's a joke. also your statement that I don't get girls is false. also your gay

Must be Russian beer.

I was about to say German. But those Soviets always overcome my thoughts.

In Soviet Russia, Getman beer is Russian beer? o.O

88 we dont drink this shit beer we drink 80 proof vodka hah

zerobahamut03 2

Smooth move with the ladies.

Person000 0

93 ... Russia stopped being the soviet union over twenty years ago. you're the reason all adults think our generation is stupid.

person 000 is that your IQ? you can still say in Soviet Russia; it's like saying in the old (or good old) days, or back in the Communist days...

lol @ 107 Cyka; just put a Russian pronunciation on your name instead of English. in Soviet Russia champagne was much cheaper and easier to get than Vodka though, and all the beer was Russian beer ;)

l thought the same thing about 9.. I was like... really? Kitchen jokes really are old but they will never stop.

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HEY 115 she said "those soviets always overcome my mind" not "in soviet russia" you dumb fuck what are you twelve.

you realize he probably drank before the 3 beers making him have bad judgement

zp5 4

uh ew?? that's disgusting.

needleinmypants_fml 3

ydi moron. never the bottles don't have 3 drinking holes for a reason

YDI for having a roommate, for trying to get those girls drunk and take advantage of them, for attempting to FORNICATE, for playing a gay-ass game instead of just drinking, for eating something red, and for even having a stomach to hold red food and beer. Epic win for aiming it all over everyone else! :)

zp5 4

I know right?! (for the last thing) sorry if this shows up twice.

Damn, I left one out! YDI for being a lightweight. 3 beers in 2 minutes is totally doable if you're a REAL man. Wuss.

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so funny lmfao

Sorry 10 but your picture just looks funny... it's got you trying to look impressive then a toilet behind you.

21, what're you sayin' damnn to?

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lmao @79 soo true

xundria 5

That's not really impressive, just FYI. -captain obvious


Did you have hot cheetos? That would burn:(

so much for trying to show off. :)

and into a dry martini?

fucking comment bug. my #15 was a reply to something that's gone now.

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uhhhh, ur profile pic was taken in front of a toilet!....

probably not.... ;)

zp5 4

I know right?! (for the last thing)

zp5 4

sorry this was meant to be a reply to someone (i failed) DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME TO COMMENT.