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Even if Trump wasnt as bad a person as he's been, that statement would still be incorrect.

Grab her by the pussy! If she has any problems with that, remind her that the best man to walk the Earth since Jesus said so.


And no one ever described Jesus as an “extremely stable genius,” so Trump must be the GOAT.

Even if Trump wasnt as bad a person as he's been, that statement would still be incorrect.

He’s been pretty good. If you ignore what he says. And only focus on his policies.

Yeah, no. His policies have, one and all, been either short-sighted red meat thrown to his ravenous base, or back-scratches for his filthy rich lobbyist pals.

Yeah no. He is doing pretty good He has secured the release of 19 people, including 16 Americans, from foreign captivity. He delivered for the “forgotten Americans.” The Trump boom is benefiting those left behind by the Obama economy. Manufacturing jobs grew at the fastest rate in 23 years and the unemployment rate for Americans without a high school diploma reached the lowest point ever recorded He worked with Democrats and Republicans to pass important legislation. It didn’t get a lot of attention, but Trump got a lot done on a bipartisan basis, including criminal justice reform, opioid and sex trafficking legislation, and a new “Right to Try” law giving dying Americans access to experimental medications.

Grab her by the pussy! If she has any problems with that, remind her that the best man to walk the Earth since Jesus said so.

He said they let you. But hey. Misquoted is the best way to undermine someone.

Are you a nutball? Trump didn’t start that trend.

Generally, when family members tell me stuff like this I say, "I'll pray for you." (I am not religious) There's always a blank expression, and they never know what to say.

I’ll pray for you

My condolences.

I think you’re exaggerating, but yeah he’s pretty great. If you don’t think so that’s fine. Are you ok with people thinking differently than you?

MRAs, flat-earthers, anti-vaxxers, and white supremacists have different opinions than most. It's totally fine to not be OK with them, to say nothing of a lying, philandering tax cheat sowing division and racial hatred, cozying up to dictators, pardoning war criminals and trampling the Constitution. In other words, fuck you and your opinion. Your opinion is wrong.

Having different thoughts is one thing, but if those thoughts are stupid ones, those that have them deserve a smack. Such as those who voted for the inflated Oompah Loompah.

He paid more taxes in one year than most politicians have in their entire lives. He’s racist? Did he tell his black ex girlfriend that. Or the houndreds of Black employees that? Or when he said “I think it’s really great that African Americans and Latinos have these constructions jobs and I am very proud of it.” That didn’t sound racist. Trampling of the constitution when he has taken more policies away from the White House than any president in history. With his “every policy I make I will take 2 away.” When in reality he’s taken like 10 away for every one he’s done.

Republicans “if you don’t think trump is good that’s fine.” Democrats “fuck you and fuck your opinion.” And trumps is the one Dividing the people? Sounds like modern Democratic Party. “Fuck you. I am the victim.”

So you don’t like that he is trying to denuclearize North Korea. Or killing 200+ Russian soldiers is Syria. Or arming Ukraine to fight Russia. When obama just gave them pillows and blankets. Sounds like he loves dictators. 🙄

Probably going to get downvoted to hell and back. But I like trump. Does he say stupid shit? Sometimes. But his policies are pretty good. And the media building up the Russia investigation conspiracy theory to how big it was with no evidence what so ever, kind of gives her ammo about her claim.

i understand i have inlaws who think like that

You don’t have to like any one politician. But at least give them a chance. Look at their policies. Most people, when they ignore the shit he says, actually agree with what he’s trying to do. Especially when it’s credited to someone else.

Look, you fucking MAGA chump, stop spamming the comment section with your moronic pro-Trump rhetoric. Repeating his lies as a defense proves how stupid you really are. Ever since he became President, all Trump has done is undermine, cancel, or prevent as many of Obama's policies as he can, without doing a single thing to improve the country. Just like that Farage guy over in the UK, neither of them have any clue about what it means to be a politician, but because they use a lot of blue-collar terms, idiots like you lap it up, and both countries are currently going to shit. When we go to vote next year, please, stay the fuck away from the voting booths. It's time to stop your disease from spreading.

No. I dont think I will. He is doing good in our country. Lowest unemployment in the history of the United States for African Americans is becasue of trump. Lowest for women sense ww2. First femail director of the fbi because of trump. Stoping Syria from using chemical warfare, trump. Armed Ukraine to fight Russia. Trump. He pulled out of Obama’s disastrous Iran deal and reimposed crippling sanctions on Tehran. The new sanctions have taken millions of barrels of Iranian oil off the market and led to the cancellation of major deals with European investors. And when Iranian protesters rose up to challenge the regime, Trump (unlike his predecessor) stood with them. If that’s one of Obama’s policy you are talking about then stfu. He is handling the opioid epidemic with seriousness. the economy is projected to have grown at post-recession high of 3.1 percent in 2018, generating high marks for economic optimism. Last year also saw historically high employment rates and rising wages, with jobless claims reaching a half-century low. The administration has continued to slash federal regulations at a record rate, foretelling future economic expansion. President Trump delivered the promised U.S.-Mexico-Canada-Agreement, replacing the outdated and counterproductive NAFTA deal. In the energy sector, pro-growth policies helped the United States become the world’s dominant crude oil producer for the first time since 1973, and 2018 saw a 25 percent decline in crude oil prices.

But hey. You beleave what you want. Free country. As another republican poster has said “I like him but it’s ok if you don’t.” And as the top comment on that thread from a democrat “fuck you and your opinion.” It seems pretty clear who’s the sane one is. But hey. That orange umpa lumpa joke was funny. Not like I heard it a million times or anything. Feel free to comment if you want to debate or if you are going to cuss me out again. Kindly fuck off.

I suppory Trump but he's not the best man since Jesus, not even close