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By Anonymous - 04/08/2014 23:04 - Canada - Toronto

Today, I found out the hard way that no good girlfriend-boyfriend conversation ever started with, "Suppose I slept with your best friend…" FML
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Am I the only one wondering if it was the OP who started the conversation with that?


"and then kicked it, for good meeasure."

Suppose I slept with your mom/dad. Awkward.

Wow!! Howard the duck in Guardians of the Galaxy?! Suppose I get quack to work.

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That really sucks :( Someone like that is someone you don't need in your life. Hope you're okay :)

When it says they learned the hard way I have this strong feeling that OP is the one that started the conversation that way and that this is a major YDI. But I have been wrong before.

Hmm, I have to say that until I read this comment, I just assumed the same as #22: that it was OP who stated the conversation. But I suppose this could be true...

My first thought was that this happened to OP. It wouldn't really be an fml if op was the one who started the conversation.

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Wow, what a jerk. At least he was man enough to tell you and you didn't have to wait for who knows how long until you found out yourself. I hope you're not together anymore, but I'm sorry OP.

#5: OP could be a guy or a girl, and they don't specify the gender of their partner either.

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They did say boyfriend-girlfriend though

i have a female gender icon, but my phone could be screwing up.

Plus, it's not very clear about which of them started the conversation with that.

14, I don't think the gender takes away from the validity of their comment though. Just replace the "he" with "he/she" and the comment still gets the same point across. Not like he was dissing the OP's partner for being male.

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Suppose their ass got dumped and you can find someone better.

Am I the only one wondering if it was the OP who started the conversation with that?

Oops. I didn't see this when I commented on someone elses comment. This is exactly what I thought.

If OP follows up and it turns out he/she did start the conversation, I won't be surprised if the YDI votes go WAY up.

I just assumed that Op's boyfriend brought that comment up seeing as OP wasn't happy about it. But now that I've read your comment I guess it could go either way. I'd like to assume that OP wouldn't be so stupid as to start a conversation like that, but that doesn't mean much.

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These ambiguous FMLs lately are really hard to vote on for me. OP could have started the conversation then ended up finding out their significant other did just that, maybe OP said it and it started a fight. Maybe the significant other said it and then admitted to cheating, or maybe the other person said it and it caused a fight. Too many possibilities.

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That's when you dump both your boyfriend and best friend.

#8: OP could be a guy who was cheated on by his gf.

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What ever they are, the OP needs to dump their partner and kick the best friend out of their life.

I don't understand why someone assuming a gender in their comment, when one clearly hasn't been labeled, needs to be corrected. Their point is still the same. It's one thing if they are dissing someone because of their gender, but that wasn't happening here. Let's just add "he/she" when someone makes the mistake of assuming. :)

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That is right at the bottom of the list of things not to say.

Bottom? I'd rank it pretty close to the top of the list of things not to say.

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Ya haha didn't think that one through