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By  rubberduckie94  |  13

I am Christian and have tempting thoughts. I am a Christian and sin daily. No difference between having an angry thought or having sex in Gods eyes. Please try not to be so judgmental. You give Christians a bad name spouting off like you just did. In fact, no difference in having sex and you being so hateful to op.

  Torva_fml  |  16

Seriously? All you could muster was two measly letters? Come on.... If you're going to post, and be in the top 10 comments... Post something creative....

  DuffleBagHero  |  4

I would have thumbed down twice if I could. And in reference to your profile, it's not only 11, 12 year-olds that are destroying humanity, it's also people your age that lack sensibility. But in all honesty, I blame past generations for not showing children to problem solve. So much for the world today.

By  wanna_bee  |  8

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  siickman  |  7

I think waiting till marriage is dumb but dont go around fucking everybody....i believe sex should happen two who care about eachother... But you dont even need to date to care about eachother ...

  rubberduckie94  |  13

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We all screw up. It's what makes us human. We're not damned to hell for screwing up like that. Just ask for forgiveness, learn from it, and move on. Jesus is the only perfect one. Us screwing up so much is kind of the whole point of this Sunday. The best you can do is be a good person, try to live a good, faithful life, and ask forgiveness when you do screw up.

  isallwaysme  |  27

hey, as long as you DON'T go around and screw every guy or girl and become a slut bag, it should be okay. the average person has sex with 9 different people in their lifetime. enjoy yourself, but be safe and don't be a whore and you should be good.

By  imacanadian  |  0

"doesn't matter, just had sex"

  The_Hitdude  |  12

^^Yup. It's probably right around the corn--*gets tackled by cyber FML staff* RUN!!!RUN WHILE YOU CAN!! THEY COM--*an error has occured. Comments can no longer be posted*

By  Headcrab  |  29

Well, that's ironic indeed. If it was because you are deeply in love, then I'd understand it 100%, but it looks like you just did it because you were horny. Irony indeed.