By roadkill0321 - 07/11/2011 07:20 - United States

Today, my recently ex-girlfriend's mother called me regarding her baby girl, saying, "If you mess with the chicklet, you mess with the momma hen." I have no idea what the hell this means for my future, but I'm a bit scared. FML
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faerieworld 1

Relax. It just means if you hurt the daughter her mother will gouge your eyes out with her sharp beak and talons.

phoenixslayer69 4

Run and hide!


phoenixslayer69 4

Run and hide!

F Your ex-girlfriends life.. If my mum did that...

ceilingfans 1

I'm fluffy

Lock your doors board up all your windows and sit on a rocking chair with a shotgun!!

Man I miss Chicklets.... What ever happened to those little square gums...?

angry_anonymous 5

They still sell them in Canada, I saw some the other day.

Rooster went pecking around the wrong hen house. Nosey parents suck!

Damn_Hippster 11

I'd be scared too. She sounds like a psycho killer.

Call a chickens natural enemy, Bears.

Was I the only who thought OP and the mom were referring to OP's baby daughter?

I know their weakness... Colonel Sanders!

n_epic_fail 14

Then I suggest u call up your plastic surgeon and tell him/her you might be coming in for a surprise visit within the next month.

SpruceDread4578 13

54- I thought the same. Read it twice just to understand it correctly.

I'm pretty sure for your future, it means your screwed.

SxeDaze 13

Shits about to get real OP, FYL indeed.

ifinsane 6

No yell her that if she messes with the bull shell get the horns

118 are talking about the horns sexually or like the old saying meaning

it means that she'll kick your ass sunny side up and then fry you

Oh god, she's a Physco

Run Forrest Run!

btnhdude 0

What would your last words have been? Ruun Bitch! Ruuun!

i assuming your spell check kicked in again

As did your grammar check, 31.

If you thought the zombie apocalypse was bad, you've got another thing coming.

46, that's a spell-check, not a grammar check.

75 & 80 Grammar is correct, minus the capital P. Psycho is spelled wrong, however. Now both of you stop acting like grammar nazis, because you both failed.

On the contrary - 80 is quite right. 75, on the other hand.. S/he probably misunderstood.

94 the girl thought "wat" was the correct spelling for 'what' in another comment section. That's why everyone is giving her a hard time.

My mistake. 46 was referring to 31's statement. I see now.

Getting mad at a troll means they win. So it indeed seems again as though you were the one who failed. *trollfaic*

Your exact words were "now fuck off", and you ended the sentence with a nice pile of sarcasm. Those tend to be signs of a "you mad bro?" moment.

RuskiManBearPig 4

22 amazing scary movie reference

sunshinesmile86 0

Omg u have must of done something wrong or she told her mom something bad

Sounds more like an over-protective mother puting her nose in her baby girls' business. If she is old enough to date, she doesn't need her mommy to deal with the ex-boyfriend.

Blackmail111 9

If that's the case then mother hen needs to meet the cock of the barn

Nah, really? -_-

faerieworld 1

Relax. It just means if you hurt the daughter her mother will gouge your eyes out with her sharp beak and talons.

Buttsexpirate 9

You should call the fantastic Mr. Fox. He goes insane for hens. Also it could be worse, she could've been a bull and given you the horns.

markrs 0

Hide yo' kids. Hide yo' wife.

The only problem is he said "ex". He has already done the harm and momma is pissed! Hide under a rock I heard that works.

No reason to worry at all

It means she's going to do something drastic. I suggest a restraining order can fix all of that. Lol

nope, it means don't steal her gum

What does stealing gum have to do with this?

Chicklets = gum

67... I just want to let you know that your picture scares my inner child....and gives me nightmares.

Means your going to get boned by momma hen for screwing around with her chicklet

What you must find out now, is what came first the chicken or the egg? Once you have the answer you will have to take a long journey through some forests. Enjoy!

saIty 17

Uh oh, you better get ready for a battle with a crazy chick in a chicken suit.

xXPurpl3Xx 0


davidbtall 1

I thing she wants a 3 some?

btnhdude 0

You think so? If someone beat you with a baseball bat You'd probably think that person would want to be best friends with you.

davidbtall 1

Dumb ass!

btnhdude 0

If I'm a dumb ass then you're a giraffe that has the ability to fly and communicate with humans.

Threesome is not the answer to everything, you testosterone-filled gorilla.

davidbtall 1

No but it was funny! & you are still a dumb ass!

Hmm.. No I'm afraid it wasn't funny. Not even a smidgen.

davidbtall 1

Then you have no sense of humor!

DavidTBall - I see that you're new here, so allow me to give you a bit of advice. If you have to defend your own comment by assuring people that it's funny while calling other people dumbasses for thinking it isn't, then it isn't. Move on, son.

1. Davidbtall, I doubt you've ever communicated with human beings on a meaningful level if you think violent threats = threesomes, and you should probably get some social skills training. 2. Listen to DocBastard, he knows what he's talking about. 3. Having a threesome based off threats of violence is beyond kinky.

If it was so funny why are all your comments thumbed down?

kewlkate 9

Actually, it made me loose braincells

Actually, the term 'mess with' can be used in a non-violent sense, though since OP recently dumped the chicklet, this is unlikely to be the case.

MedChew 19

Scared? You're not chicken yourself are you?

Parents, like the Girlfriend's parents, are willing to do some crazy shit to anyone. My 2nd girlfriend had an overprotective military dad. I know this from experience.