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By  lemonkid44  |  0

"You realise that "Not at all" means "don't mention it" or "you're welcome"


yeah im going to have to agree with "err.." here. depending on his tone of voice that's probably the most likely explanation.

and "the best" whoa, don't knock your girlfriend here. I'll tell her you said that. haha

By  LoLoLo_fml  |  0

LOL #13, but I bet there are white men who like asses too though. And overall I got to say, the size of a girls ass shouldn't be THIS important!! Other things should come first man, why are people so shallow so often??

By  Eir_fml  |  1

@10 and 12: "not at all: might be a response to a thank you, but it was a question. You wouldn't say "don't mention it" or "you're welcome" if someone asked you if the last thing you said was a compliment. She didn't say thanks, she asked what he meant.

By  Sarasa01  |  0

I don't understand all these FMLs about boyfriends insulting or not liking their girlfriends' bodies. I know nobody's perfect, but why the hell would you date her if you don't find her attractive? He is really a jerk.