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Today, like every other day this past week at Bonnaroo, I've been placing my belongings in the cubbyhole inside the portapotties as I use. Today, I also learned that those "cubbyholes" are urinals. FML
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Well that is just unsanitary. And hilarious!


Well that is just unsanitary. And hilarious!

lmfao_shame 9

Urinals are only for when European ;)

Only in Alabama could someone mistake a cubbyhole for a urinal...

technically it was a cubbyhole for a urinal, but anyways yes, the South with their long line of incest children

Whoops I meant technically she mistook a urinal for a cubbyhole

zuzupetalsYO 11

I'm sure we all knew what you meant, I am wondering how OP suddenly found this out though. haha too funny

Haha maybe she smelled her stuff and realized it smelled like pee

I like how girls are oblivious to urinals in unisex portapotties or bathrooms.

Ali_Br_fml 33

Girls don't usually see urinals. Urinals don't tend to be in homes, and aren't in the public ladies' rooms either. I saw my first urinal while at a gas station with an out of service female bathroom, and we had to use the male restroom... (boy are they dirty) Then when those unisex bathrooms started becoming more prevalent.

girl's restrooms are way dirtier than the guy's

In my experience the male restrooms are dirtier, as a standard (in N.I. at least)

I worked as a janitor at a camp and cleaning the girls washrooms was way worse than the guys I found that they were dirtier

MyCleverName 2

90, cool story, you tell that at parties?

lol @ 116 I just hope she didn't take the free mint

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WTF is a bonnaroo? some kind of ***** house?

ahahahhahahahah that sucks for you!!(:

agaba 0

Have you seen your profile pic?

WTF? I mean....WTF? I'm hoping and praying REALLY hard that op is like 8. and then I feel REALLY bad for op.

Seriously. I mean, I'm a girl and I know what a urinal looks like. And even if I didn't, I wouldn't look at one and think hey, look at this handy porcelain cubby on the wall of the bathroom

Just_Peed 0

They're plastic in porta-potties..ANYWAY, I got your back, batch be trippin

I've personally never seen a urinal in one of those porta-potties but I'm not sure why anyone would think there would be a cubby in one, it just seeems REALLY odd to me.

ReynshineCutting 10

They don't look anything like real urinals. They're really small, sort of flat on the bottom, and just don't look like any other urinals. The first time I saw one I had no clue what it was. It took me a minute to figure it out (no I never thought it was a shelf or cubby). Honestly it would make sense if porta potties had some sort of shelf or something for your stuff so you wouldn't have to set it on the nasty pee covered floor. I won't take anything in with me and will leave it on the ground outside or have someone hold it for me. I don't trust my phone or keys to not fall out of my pocket.

rebekahah 7

when I was younger I mistook those porta potty urinals for sinks, but I only tried to use them like once or twice because I realized that there wasn't a faucet.

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courtney680 17

You're a complete dumb ass...

raff696 3

I want to like your comment but I can't because it has 69 likes

How could you not know how to use their and they’re?

You're** I felt the need to correct you because I giggled over the irony of your comment. Okay, so maybe I didn't giggle, but I /did/ smirk! (P.S. Commas enjoy getting used. Call them the Snooki of the punctuation world. Either way, make them your friend. ;p)

WeezyFreak 0

*apostrophe not a comma my my, people are stupid these days

Says the man who did not use any periods, nor did he capitalize anything. Way to go :D

Says the guy who ended a sentence with a :D.

#25- I believe synonymous meant that more commas could have been used. As in: "Well, quite simply put, you're a moron."

Just_Peed 0

DAYUMS yoo foos suk att sprekken je engrish,

808Boyo 4

Who gives a **** how he spelt this or how she said that. ******* get over it! Wanna correct people? Become a ******* teacher! Damn!

Just_Peed 0

*Eghem* etts pranuciated DAYUMS

Was that a rhetorical question? Obviously some people DO care if they bother to correct him. That being said, questions normally end in question marks. Why do you take offense? (that's rhetorical by the way I really don't care to hear your reason). Here I'll do it for you: Dis be da Internet Spllng and grmr dnt mtr bitchass. dis ain't eng101 lawl. How clear was that? (rhetorical).

Just_Peed 0

Notta menchun hee POBLY duble chekked hiz graamer so hee wudnt lookie lika doosha bagg

Dudelike89 8

It's funny that nobody needed correct spelling or anything to correctly interpret what this comment meant, but a lot of people felt like correcting each other anyway. Apparently, on FML, either you're an English major, or a totalfuckingretard. Silly silly!

ReynshineCutting 10

I correct people whether you can understand them or not. I'm not a comma Nazi or capitalization Nazi, but I do correct (most) spelling and God awful grammar. I've seen too many people write like they're in first grade in college composition classes, so I correct them in hopes that they won't look like dumbasses in the real world.

25 - I had a whole response typed out to you but then I scrolled down and saw that WordSmyth understood what I was saying. Ty, WordSmyth! Though I am bummed that my snarky retort can't be used now. ;p

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there should have been a coma between Ur my's

lms0708 0

69- I so thought the same thing! haha

please tell me u didnt eat the free mints too.. smh

dancer050 0
Just_Peed 0

two people already don't care!:D

zebraface 15

but they taste like the forest!

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yeah stupid, girls don't pee. c:

Just_Peed 0

no he just thought it'd be smart but didn't know OP was a chick..ignorance ain't least not on FML:)

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its a female, they don't use urinals, and she was probably never informed of it, I mean 80% of Americas youth don't recognize a pic of Abe Lincoln, so it is very possible for there to be women who don't know what a urinal is

95% of statistics are made up, #163 ;)

you know theyve found two dead bodies at that festival this week. be happy you only put your stuff in pee and werent one of those two people. wouldnt that really be FYL? cause it would be OVER.

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agreed. btw your pic reminds me of justin bieber!(not meant to be offensive or anything im just sayin >.> )

Or a kind of young Donald Trump combover... Seriously, wtf is with the big hair on little boys?

it's because they secretly admire justin bieber.... 0_o

mischiefkel 17

nice name haha... i like girls...

i_like_girls 0

it's cool I've heard 100996434794 times I look similar to him so idc anymore lol I like the young donald trump idea haha