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  \  |  28

He's lucky that "K" is right next to "L" on the keyboard.

  feelingold  |  18

to state the obvious - if OP took fewer elevators and more stairs, perhaps there wouldn't be a need for "weight and fitness class". So many people are totally inactive in daily life and then go to a gym.

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

Hey now, I used to be a pudgy bastard back in the day, but through rigorous exercise and diet I am no longer "Mr. Fat Boy". I'm now Mcfeelii with two mother fucking "i's" world..

Haha.. Naw.. I have a fast metabolism so I'm just lucky.. But see, OP, you can do it! Just imagine the person you want to be and treat your body like a temple. You'll be the queen of the world one day, you just need to work towards it. You are making a change, that elevators just jealous.

By  Welshite  |  39

That's when you scream mightily and wrench open the doors. You could also break open the roof and pull yourself up the elevator cables. All that exercise must be good for something, you know.

By  scarletclaw  |  11

At least you could have done jumping jacks or push ups. It wasn't a total loss of time. It would have been really awkward if other people were trapped with you though.

  Kstruggles  |  15

Depending on how strenous their workout, or how many floors they have to go up they might feel the better thing to do is take the elevator. Myself, I would, since my asthma likes to trigger climbing stairs, but not as much on stationary activities... (and yeah, I do now have an inhaler, but I didn't always. which is how I found this info out)