By hopelesss88 - 17/06/2010 12:42 - Australia

Today, I had a first date planned. He texted saying he was sick and couldn't make it. Two hours later his twitter account said otherwise. FML
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So...your life is effed because you didn't go on a date with a liar? Am I missing something?

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oh well he was a dick to begin with. be glad you found out now.


he lied before the first date not a good sign so **** him

u g l y.. you ain't got no alluby you ugly

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1 - Twitter is pretty much a facebook status :P OP - There's plenty of fish in the sea, go get yourself another 1st date :)

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yeaa, u ugly you... ugly?:)no ones feeling me(ewww tht sounds wronqq;)]

#17 - spelled alibi..and I bet the guy is just a jerk :/

33, u make it seem all guys are assholes and all girls are angels. girls are just as bad as guys by being bitchy and cheating

actually 19 there was an oil spill so there's not anymore fish

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At least he won't be... **Puts on sunglasses** ...Twittering in your twat. YEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

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hahaha^ and that sucks don't bother with him, op

op, don't waste any more time on him. and if he wants to reschedule it, wait til 1hr before it and tell him your sick lol

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aw don't feel bad OP. he uses Twitter, so he's apparently gay.

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38 you never met me then but of course you have not anyway I'am true to my words unless something comes up then I will either try and do it earlyer if that's not good then I let you choose. all my friend trust me saddly most of them trust me more then their own best friend.

Twitter really helps my fans follow my band. it's an amazing invention

sweet a bitch mood lol jk obese just pointing out that not all are like that both genders do it but who ever stood you (and op) needs to have their car tired slash and shaving cream all over the car In a messed up patteren ( well that is if the shaving cream still works on cars).

why the hell did my ipod put obese. I ment I was just saying.

eww stop stalking him. just saying. have you seen the movie, He's just not into you?

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ahhh social networking rips apart another relationship

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everybody lies and cheats that's the society we live in now a days

you mean every date with new guy is a first date?

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LMAO. I love you :D Youre funnnnnny.

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tweeter is trash anyways. count your blessings OP

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well at least your getting rid of a not so smart person like him i mean if hes going to do something behind your back then he shouldnt twitter it where you can find out (sorry i dont like to swear "not so smart person")

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#21 with a face like that i'm sure noone will ever be "feeling you"

#15, I think ******* him would be a poor idea. =P

lol ******* twat lol it's ******* Twitter and this date of yours obviously doesn't give a **** lol

So...your life is effed because you didn't go on a date with a liar? Am I missing something?

The point is that he was too much of a coward to say he didn't want to go out with her for whatever reason, so he lied. If he won't show up for a first date, it's also obvious he doesn't respect her.

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never said she used it just that he did

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If she is on Twitter, she is using it

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ydi for Twitter following/stalking him when you hadn't even gone on a date with him:P

fat_snooki_lol 6

Yep, I agree. not even one date and you're stalking the poor guy on twitter. Typical Queenslander.

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just be glad. he is obviously a metrosexual. he uses Twitter. and lied.

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oh well he was a dick to begin with. be glad you found out now.

Lol, that sucks Dx You're better off without him </3

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Could your goods be hanging out anymore? Just saying.

I think they should be hanging out more and goods?? WTF how old r u this chick is ******* hot

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ydi for obviously not being good looking

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Because in the womb the menu options were: 1. Ugly 2. Average 3. Appealing to the guy who would otherwise stand you upin 2010 4. STFU

trust me she's not (; you're gorgeous 22

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He's new, the thought of being so close to a girl made him nervous, and his butterflies raged. Then, just to prove to his good friends he wasn't a loser, he invented a social life.

aww you will meet someone that is even nicer