By Neckbruise101 - United States - Los Angeles
Today, my boss berated me in front of 2 other coworkers about how unprofessional it was for me to show up to work with a clearly visible hickey. I had to explain to him that my "hickey" was actually a huge pimple that had bruised up after I popped it. FML
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  tmj25789  |  23

I agree #7. The professional way he should have taken care of the situation was pulling OP into his office or even taking him somewhere they work without any open ears around.

  Khaleesi_D  |  9

True, I once got shot in the neck with a paintball, I'd it weren't for the fact that I was playing family members people would have thought it was a hickey.

By  ApeTheGreatApe  |  11

What is this high school you work at?

By  latenerd  |  11

Now that your boss knows it's not a hickey, tell him how unprofessional it is to make assumptions about your personal life and berate you in public, and that what he did is harassment.

By  OhPuhleeze  |  23

1 - It is none of your boss's business if you come with a hickey. The main thing is you are at work, sober, professional and punctual.
2 - The bum should be reported to HR for interfering in your personal life and for publicly berating you.
3 - what were you supposed to do if you got a hickey? Stay at home and risk losing employment? Use a professional makeup artist? Who would've paid for that?