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Today, I went to the store to buy some new shirts. I tried them on and none of them fit. When I walked out to return the shirts, everybody was staring at me. I looked down to see why. I'd forgotten to put my original shirt back on. FML
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pcentral 17

I don't understand your comment? Is it just me?


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pcentral 17

I don't understand your comment? Is it just me?

1 is under the impression that OP kept the shirt (s)he was trying on, on.

hwkfan1 10

"You're stupid" :D Read your profile :P

Thank you, but honestly, I need to be more specific about that, what I'm really looking for is the day someone says something like "You're comment..."

hwkfan1 10

Yes but why would they be small if everyone noticed?

Wouldn't you notice if something that is supposed to be there, isn't there? Assuming OP is a Female.

hwkfan1 10

It's a lot harder to notice something that's not there than to notice something huge.

beccaishereyay 11

10- I thought I did. But then I reread the fml and the comment and no, I decided I have no idea what number 1 was trying to say. I thought maybe it had something to do with OPs boobs being small? But that doesn't make sense either now....

beccaishereyay 11

10- I thought I did. But then I reread the fml and the comment and no, I decided I have no idea what number 1 was trying to say. I thought maybe it had something to do with OPs boobs being small? But that doesn't make sense either now....

aLeXaNdRaAMW 2

I think he was trying to say that the shirts that op tried on had to be very small which made it more noticeable when op came out with out a shirt on (implying that op was fat).

#1 was trying to say the shirt must have been extremely small when the person came out. (s)he was under the impression that OP never took off the shirt he/she was trying on

If OP walked out to return the shirts, (s)he should have had the shirts in hand.

To everyone commenting on #1. It was a bad joke done on the Regis and Kelly show that they are attempting to regurgitate here...joke is still not funny.

HowAreYouToday 34

You're on the Internet though...

If you are a girl your life sucks. If you are a guy you must be pretty cool! :)

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I think it's implied the OP is a girl...

beccaishereyay 11
OhDearBetrayal 25

Oh, how lovely double standards are.

3- I fail to see how forgetting a shirt as a male would make you cool, but speaking of double standards, this reminds ms of a sign at a bar I once saw (and many others likely have too): Guys- No shirt, no shoes, no service. Girls, No shirt, no problem, free drinks. :P Sorry, had to share. ;P

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You know what, taking a lot of clothes into the changing room and changing in between them is hot work. Being frustrated when they didn't fit, OP could've put them all back on the hangers and then just gone out in a rush. Things happen when you're hot and bothered.

If it was that small, wouldn't you have noticed how uncomfortable it was before you left the fitting room?

Ah nevermind, I just connected the dots. OP went out shirtless. Well maybe people were staring in amazement at your body! If you're single, hope you picked up a few phone numbers :)

I actually hadn't realized that op went out shirtless untill I read the reply -.-

why does everyone assume the shirts were too small? maybe they were too big?

sweetly1120 6

That's totally something I would do. I'm sorry!

Oops, I guess everyone got a show they weren't expecting. You could have charged a fee! :3

I envy the edit option the Android Market FML App lacks.

KiddNYC1O 20

I read it as "You could have charged a FEEL."

I doubt there was a Magic Eye poster in the change room.

It's funny, I assumed the shirts must have been too large (I'm thin and always have the problem of shirts being too big). But you could interpret too large of shirts as fitting, just not fitting properly. Also I wish it was clear whether OP was male or female. I'm just going to imagine that OP is a hot female who is well endowed (which is why the shirts wouldn't fit) and she wasn't wearing a bra. That would be so damn hot.

OP is a woman and left the dressing room shirtless.

Then what was the point of your comment? To tell me something you didn't know? It was obvious that he or she left the room shirtless, I don't know why you told me that. I think it's sexist to assume OP is female. I'm a guy and I'm sure I'd be more embarrassed than most females to walk out of a dressing room shirtless and have people staring at me. Since I'm a man I'm not allowed to be embarrassed? Why couldn't a male have an FML about this?

The way you worded your post you made it seem like OP left the fitting room with a tight shirt on and without a bra. I never said a male couldn't get embarrassed of this, but naturally a female doesn't walk around without a shirt like a lot of men do. It's obviously more common for a man to do that than a woman.

Sexist? Just look at your response to this FML. Every woman reading it just went 'ugh' and rolled their eyes in unison. People are allowed to make assumptions just as males are allowed to be embarrassed by this situation, however given the circumstances, a female would more likely feel more shame in this circumstance and therefore be in a position to post this- thus the assumptions. They're not baseless.

Thank you 37. As females we would understand more.

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"Most women walk around half naked every day..." Not really. I've never seen anyone walking in a bra for a top. Don't know what kind of fantasy world you live in.

"Every woman reading it just went 'ugh' and rolled their eyes in unison." That is sexist. You're saying all women are the same? I didn't need to make that a question. You are saying all women are the same.

My main point is though, that "it's more likely OP is female than male" does not make "I wish it was clear whether OP was male or female." an invalid comment. Why complain about me saying that?

21-- While some states legally allow for a woman to be topless, it is not commonly practiced. In fact, while some might enjoy this, others would be very offended and possibly even call the cops. All the above fanfare would not be relevant for a topless male (duh), which is why we assume the OP was a woman--because it'd be way more embarrassing for a woman, culturally (notwithstanding personal body confidence issues, which can be had by either sex).

Please don't think I misunderstood your comment. I know what you meant about the nature of what a shirt 'fitting' entails- it's not entirely true to say your post was sexist, but it was from the lips of a mysoginist. I was making a generalization when I made my comment, and just as you don't have to justify the nature of your comment because everyone has the right to free speech, neither do I. You're a bit butthurt. Why don't you post some more responses?

The_true_batman - You're making yourself look increasingly foolish with each subsequent response. Why don't you just accept defeat and go back to lurking in the shadows where you can be neither seen nor heard.

Wow ... U bats are kind of a jackass .... Wait wait wait I misspoke u are completely a jackass ;)

I don't care what any of you say, I was and am right and you were and are wrong. None of you have made any real argument against anything I said. And I am anything but butt hurt. I am laughing at how predictable and simple-minded your responses were. It's nice to see sexism is still alive and shouted as loudly as ever. It's also nice to see that anyone who expresses a valid opinion that isn't what culture's sexist attitudes agree with gets targeted. I'm proud that I'm willing to state both my opinion and facts that I know people will disagree with due to their prejudices. The fact that you say my responses make me look more and more foolish is the equivalent of a child sticking their fingers in their ears and shouting "I can't hear you" over and over. I'm sorry if one comment about liking the idea of a large breasted woman topless makes me a "mysoginist" (sic). I'm assuming you claim I was objectifying women, because I can't see how you could claim I hate women. If you're not just trying to be argumentative and actually felt women were objectified by my statement, I'm sorry. It wasn't my intent to do so. At least my responses weren't sexist, like some of those arguing against me. Also I'd like to say that most women who identify as feminists aren't true feminists (as they don't really believe in gender equality), and most women who don't identify as feminists are true feminists (as they do believe in gender equality). This is from personal experience, but I think anyone with an open mind would see it's true.

tony1891 22

While you may be right. Dude. Let it go already.

Blooblibloo 4

The_true_batman, when so many people tell you you are wrong, I think it's a good idea to question yourself. It doesn't mean you are definitely wrong, but still, it could be a good clue. It's ok to be wrong about something you said, it doesn't mean that everything you do or say is wrong, it's really not a biggi. It doesn't even means that what you're thinking is wrong, maybe you just didn't expressed it the right way. Most intelligent people are probably the ones that can accept when they are wrong, others just never learn from their mistakes. But yeah, maybe you are right and they are all wrong, that happens too.

Have you Ever seen a women in a sports bra

dancer4life143 13

I've definitely almost done that before haha. Sorry OP! But I'm sure everyone will forget about it when something else happens(: