By strawberrykiwi62 - 11/06/2009 09:09 - Israel

Today, I found out that my extremely-flat chested cousin recently got a boob job. When my mom found out, she said "Oh that's great! They look so good!". Then she looks at me and tells me that I should get one. Everyone including my own mother thinks I should get a boob job. FML
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They'll never sag when you get old and they'll get bigger when you have kids, so no worries!!


lol wen I first read this fMl I thought it said ********

small real ones < Big fake ones. >:)

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Damn Israelis, hope you get one and die of complications. One less to kill

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Anyway, you have a Mom willing to buy you boobs if you want them. That's a win. You have all the advantages of small boobs if you want that. That's a win. AND which ever you choose you have the right to feel proud because you've got what you want. That's another win. Where's the F in your life?

They'll never sag when you get old and they'll get bigger when you have kids, so no worries!!

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you know if you want to succeed in life you have to look amazing. That's what women are here for- to give guys something to look at. So you might as well get bigger boobs and increase the number of guys wgo look at you.

#3, You ******* piss me off. People like you is what make the world a horrible place. **** you!!!!!

Surprisingly, guys prefer real ones rather than fake. If you're a bit flat, who cares? They'll grow eventually. And if not, look at all of the models nowadays. They're tall, skinny, and have basically no boobs. Plus, you can almost always tell when they're fake.

I bet your cousin was probably ugly, she needed the boob job to make people look more at her **** than her face.

It's your body. If you're unhappy with it, do what you want, but don't let other people tell you what to do. You can't please anyone but yourself.

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honestly, ive always wanted to get mine done...

Why? Real boobs are squishy and move around, fake ones just stand straight up and don't feel good. Also if you get them too big you can't lay on your stomach too long :/

This isn't an fml you fist ****. Lucky your getting a titty j.