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  Bonta_kun_fml  |  2

wow, 26. Just because you are replying to 1 doesn't mean that you have to be a troll. I mean, anyone could have made a much more intelligent commentary about the FML, but no! You just had to take your time to bash the First Commenter, even if he didn't say first. So what if he said "dude woaah", at least it shows that he cared for the FML instead of his saying "First". In fact, I'm willing to bet that #1 didn't even care for his spot! What are you, traumatized from always being the #26 on your class? or the #26 in your family?

I'm just joking xD

  SeanFredrick  |  3

Well op your knose was unemployed so she told it to get a job no that wasn't funny well anyway haha op you're prolly somewhat ugly but I know how you feel anyway don't change your appearance w plastic surgery fake girls = not turn on but neither do ugly girls anyway you were born like that and should stay natural

  boomx  |  0

thats a sin ! ah well, at least yer grans no blind, other wise she would be spending that money for your surgery on walking aticks an helpers and dogs. accept the money go on holiday and pretend your recovering :D problemm solved.

  swifft_fml  |  0

today my ugly ass granddaughter brought her fucked up nose into my house and I was forced to look at it to the point I had to give her 2 grand to fix it. FML

By  flawedgenius  |  6

Thank her, take the money. book an appointment. get some bruising make up and bandages, and go back a few weeks later and she'll probably say you look better, even with no changes.

Alternatively if you do need the nose job she thinks you need, take the money and run... to a private hospital and get it done...