By anashaalmajiid - United States
Today, my dad and a construction worker were having a long talk. I heard the door slam, and assumed that this worker had left. So I yelled out "Hey dad what were you talking about? Did you talk slowly so the idiot could understand?" Turns out my dad was the one who had walked out. FML
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Just that it does make no sense because you assume hundred times every day. You assume, for example, that the computer in front of you won't suddenly explode. so shut the fuck up.

By  _Elizabeth_  |  0

Well, that's why you should make sure that the person you are addressing is actually in the room. And not the person you are calling an idiot. Be a bit more careful with what you say...

By  Emika_fml  |  0

"Today, the rich prick whose house I just finished remodeling tried to scam his way out of paying me, and then walked away in a tiff when I demanded my money. Then his stuck-up bastard kid called me an idiot. FML."