By Anonymous / Wednesday 24 December 2014 20:02 / United States - Pennsville
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  chinaski7628  |  32

I would imagine that, for most parents, watching someone deliberately be cruel to their child would be punishment. Sounds like grandma and grandpa are into some fucked up head games.

  ZombieSazza  |  34

My father used to do this when my parents newly split up (14 years ago). Whenever he punished or upset my brother and I, it deeply upset my mother knowing he would do that. Misdirected anger, doesn't make sense.

  Summaria  |  9

"Ok we need a Idea how we can get back to our stupid son." - "We could just punish our Granddaughter, who did absolutely nothing to us and most likely won't understand why we do it, by not giving her any presents." - "FUCKING BRILLANT JIM!"

Well i hope someone told her why her grandparents are such dumbasses.

  Summaria  |  9

It's never mentioned if the TE is a he or she. The only things said were "My parents[...]act of revenge against her father." so might as well be a statement referring to himself.

By  iTzSelverZz  |  14

Buy your daughter a gift that will make her forget about wanting her grandparent's gifts.

  JadeWinter  |  16

I don't really think a gift can cover up the fact that her grandparents don't love her enough to get over the fact that they disapprove of her father. That's just cruel, and it must hurt.

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