By Anonymous - 29/12/2012 23:17 - United States

Today, I checked my sister's diary, because I was worried about her recent angry and withdrawn behavior. She caught me in the act, and my mom, whom I've caught blatantly snooping through my stuff multiple times now, grounded me for my "disgusting" violation of my sister's privacy. FML
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GemmaStyles 14

Diaries are meant to be private. I'd agree with your mom. Regardless of what she did, you shouldn't have done that.

Me and my sister look out for each other. I have bipolar. When I'm suicidal, talking to me won't get anyone answers. Well wouldn't have when I was younger, pre treatment. If she did that to me, I would have been angry at the time but thankful later, knowing she cared enough. Siblings often know more about each other then the parents do. Sometimes you have to go with your gut. And while snooping seems low, sometimes, depending on the person it really is the only way to know if something is truly wrong and if the parents should be brought into it. This world is not black and white only. There are gray areas that turn a never into an understandable action.


Lizza330 28

Why didn't you just talk to her instead of invading het privacy? You obviously know how that feels.

Exactly. Just because your mom does it doesn't make it okay for you to do it, especially since you don't appreciate your mom's snooping.

Shrouds 14

because kids(and people in general) lie. I see nothing wrong with a concerned sister trying to figure out how to best help her sister.

Maybe you should've talked to your mom instead of invading her privacy.

OrangeKnife 10

Then he wouldn't been able to write this, because there wouldn't have been any story.

GemmaStyles 14

Diaries are meant to be private. I'd agree with your mom. Regardless of what she did, you shouldn't have done that.

And it's possibly.why the sister is angry. No privacy!

If OP doesn't appreciate that her mom snoops, why would she assume that her sister wouldn't mind her snooping? Hypocrite...

No one has a right to violate someone's privacy, parent or not.

You would've have gotten away with it, if only you hadn't left your bookmark in there.

If you're concerned about your sister, don't snoop around. Talk to her directly about it. Honestly.

AbstraktThoughts 13

Do as I say, not as I do kinda thing?

Oh, she'll be angry now once she finds out.

Ops she found out. Now everybody will be angry with my mistake. :(

Not the best way to go about things but I doubt talking to your sister would produce better results if she's been acting strange, although talking to your mom might have helped. It's the thought that counts!

So what are the odds that the next person your sister catches snooping will be dear old mumsie?