By blah. - 05/04/2010 10:14 - Thailand

Today, my shrink diagnosed me as severely depressive, due to a lot of stress and yells at home. After the session, my parents argued about whose fault it was and then went on to yell at me for being depressive and wasting their money. FML
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FYL for being the victim of parenting fail

i feel you pain OP, tell them to **** off and take mental issues seriously


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or kill em n make it seem like an accident and collect life insurance :D


Oh my parent told me that before they kicked me out of the house at age 14

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WTF that sucks sorry to hear that.:/


now you know why I don't like people judging me without knowning me.. I had to become an adult at age 14.. I manage to finish school and work at the same time.. I don't like how I have to get money like gogo dancing and modeling.. but that's the only way I can bring food to the table and a roof over my head

#20, they kicked you out at age 14? the ****? you gotta be kidding me..


39- I'm not kidding you.. I was what they call a mistake.. when I go over to vist my little brothers they won't let me.. my younger sister had to tell my parents she going to take them to the park in order for me to spend time with them

#41, that's pretty ******* harsh, i'm guessing you aren't from the US because i think it is illegal to kicks kids out before 17/18 at least in NY.


@Babii 1. Didn't you leave FML because people always commented about you instead of the FML? Apparently not. 2. Also, you wonder why people comment on you instead of the FML? Maybe because you reply to the FML talking about yourself so people figure that they may as well join in. 3. Attentionseekplz.

I'm sorry to hear that Babii :-( I've been working since I was 14 but I was still living with my family it must have been hard for u. You can count on me if u ever need to talk to someone <3

#50 she left because people could not stop talking shit and judging her. who are we to be judging other people no one is perfect.

mmm idk why but i dont really believe this.. if you really had been that hurt i dont think you would post your whole life on a public forum...


I post this cause some people judge me on how I work for living.. but if you don't believe me that's all up to you.. you can come vist me and see for yourself

I'd love to visit lol, and to the op, your life sucks sorry

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I'd rather have a bad parent than having none..

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#50 lol you are dumping on BABiiRAWr that she gets the attention when really you want it.

isn't it illegal to throw them out at 14? you shouldn't have taken that babii, you shouldve gone to the police or child services or something. :(

69- exactly what I was saying in my post :)

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that's harsh babii and also I'll visit you:)

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#50 Don't get upset because no one cares about you and that Babii is interesting to people. And she's hot... No ****. 


you know what I'm going to throw a party over the summer.. anyone want to come just tell me.. and just leave 50 alone because what you guys are doing is treating her the way she and the reason of fml members treat me -rawr nice pic your fine lol

Maybe if you weren't such an attention seeking **** they wouldn't have kicked you out at the age of 14!


i remeber the first time I hurt myself because I knew that my parents didn't want me.. I was 6 and I run into a park car so many times until my neighbor took me to the er

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LMFAOO I pictured you running into a car repeatedly. That's hilarious.

That explains a lot, #83. I feel sorry for the car owner.

that explains why your head is so messed up #83! Go seek tour attention on a street corner

why are you writing this in this FML? Attention seaker much? tell your sob story to somebody who actually cares. And press charges against your parents IF your story is true which I HIGHLY doubt it is.

Did they kick you out because you were pregnant? ;dd

haha I laugh at Babi stupid attention *****

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babiirawr, how old r u now?

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fake 4 sho u copied that off some WWE show BABII

71- ur ****** hot(beside the point) but that's a good idea. get them arrested so now not only are you parentless but also broke ;)

hey 93 good job making fun of some1 gettin kicked outta their house when they were 14 hypocrite (:

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ITT: Pampered rich kids feeding off of the sympathy of other pampered rich kids because they feel guilty for making fun of their peers.

am I the only one that picked ip that this is fake? if he was severely depressive, it would mean that he brings everyone else around him down, rather than have depression himself. I believe the condition the OP was looking for is chronic depression. lol

KayleeFrye 39

Um, are you the only one that didn't notice that the OP is from Thailand? This probably means that English isn't his native language, and he simply used the wrong word. Yeah, the correct word is depression, not depressive, but the meaning of the post is still clear. Hell, except for that mistake, he has better spelling and grammar than many Americans who grow up speaking English!

honestly I don't think babii cares what any of you guys think of her so why waste ur breathe? Keep ur opinion to yourself because obviously she doesn't care!

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ydi for being depressed. go buy a puppy and stfu

I honestly don't care if you comment. Stop commenting because I obviously don't care! See what I did there?

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122 take a ragular pic I bet you have nice titts

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115: they mean severly depressed. it means you are chronically very very sad. is that dumbed down enuf for your tiny ass brain(not to mention your dick size too). I have the same thing dumbass. it is excruciating to live with. sorry OP. I know how you feel. babiirawr, how do you earn a living then? obviously it's good enuf for you to pay the expenses of living AND extra..

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it's hilarious that ppl always go off topic here, but OP I know how that feels

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wow dats crazy babiirawr... how were u able to survive on ur own at 14? i thought it was hard enough at 19.. 14 just suks bad


when I was 14 people would tell me I look 18 plus I went to live with my boyfriend (ex now)


144- strippers** btw I'm not a stripper asshole... gogo dancer, well was a gogo dancer I don't do that anymore

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wow people can be cruel well always know there's someone looking out for you

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33 I accidentally thumbs downed your comment thinking you were calling th OP a baby. lol OP, your parents are insensitive assholes.

#115 Depressive Disorder (DD) also known as Major Depression is a disorderen in which the person is severely depressed. And is also a tem used for those with Anxiety NOS (Not Otherwise Specified) and other disorders. It is a catchall term.

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I'd say his English is pretty good, considering he's from Thailand, not America.

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Now if only you were literate enough to realize where the OP is from.

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"and why they argued about the whose fault." You mean who's at fault? Or whose fault it is? Sounds to me like the OP is more literate than you are #3.

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ydi for being emo, now quit being such a baby

i feel you pain OP, tell them to **** off and take mental issues seriously

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it's not easy to tell your parents to **** off trust me

hmm. I hate when I get depressive. no but really fyl OP

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I am sorry that your parents are such dicks. Do the best you can to take care of yourself while you're stuck with them.

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Ah, I can hear those Asian screams and shouts. Why? Because I'm Asian too.

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That ******* blows! Sounds like my childhood though. Only without the Therapist. FYL as deep as you go!! Cheer up, soon enough you'll be able to leave your parents and give them a big **** you when you do!!

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Yep... Asian parents can suck. Waaay more yelling at their kids.

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Sounds like my parents... "I don't know why you're so sickly, but you better not have cancer or anything because we're not paying for it!"

Get a job and save up so you can move as far away from those screamers as you possibly can.

FYL for being the victim of parenting fail