By Anonymous - 09/06/2014 13:47 - United Kingdom - London

Today, I had to stand in line for twenty minutes at the bank, in between two of my ex-boyfriends. FML
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Not the first time you've been in between them both, I'm sure.

So why didn't you just leave and come back later?


So why didn't you just leave and come back later?

She shouldn't have to leave just because her ex's are there. If it was me I would've stayed and there and acted like I didn't even notice them.

You're right, she shouldn't have to, though if it's that much of a problem that her life is ****** because of it (FML ;);)) then she should have just came back at another time rather than let herself be subjected to it.

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She might've needed to do something important. Deposit a paycheck to pay bills, get an official check for an important purchase, get something notarized, etc. Coming back may not have been that simple.

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#15 she could have moved to the back of the line. sorry trade places with someone farther from the teller

incoherentrmblr 21

Talk about double penetration...

#15: Ignoring somebody you used to be intimate with is just plain rude and immature. Leaving (even just for a few minutes) would be a much better solution.

I don't think it was a coincidence, #37. What if they were 'together'? It's never a good sign if all your exes now bat for the other team.

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#37, it's not like her exes stalked her, found out she was going to the bank and called each other and said I'll stand in front of her and then you come in after her and stand behind her to make things super awkward...

#80 come on mate, was that the best you could come up with? this FML needs a follow up, who's with me?

I think leaving would be even ruder. But that's just my opinion. Besides both of my exes did not end on a good point so there is no way I would not ignore either of them. @81

The line was so long because in the front of the line, some guy was bitching at the teller for apologizing on behalf of another worker.

#116: Eh, if you guys aren't on good terms, that's different. Still, even if you hate your exes, if you're ignoring them it's because you intend to be rude to them (which might be justified). If you're not actually trying to be rude, leaving is less offensive. You can politely excuse yourself, but it's not possible to politely ignore someone.

incoherentrmblr 21

#125, my user name says it all. According to your profile, you like that sense of humor...

Haha well then yes I would ignore them to be rude.. I don't like either @123

Not the first time you've been in between them both, I'm sure.

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Haaaa I get it because sex, you sly ************.

Wizardo 33

Woah, take it easy guys I guess dumb sarcasm doesn't work with you geniuses. Nice little result from this experiment though.

Damn it, 86, you ruined the downvote chain! Post something stupider next time.

I... I don't know whether to thumbs up or down this one...

128: Do the opposite of what people are doing to your comment.

That sucks, but at least you've had two boyfriends right?

lol, true #3 some people havn't even had one. :P

...or choosing quality over quantity?

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OP sure is lucky, I've never had two boyfriends....

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OP's not lucky if those are ex-boyfriends. They're ex for a reason. You wouldn't be happy if you dated two serial-killers (well, happy that you didn't die, but aside from that).

#76 If the OP had dated two serial killers, they'd still be her exes afterwards, they'd just be a lot scarier.

Just be glad you got that over with, and hope it doesn't happen again.

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That must have been the worst sandwhich in the history of sandwiches

Redoxx_fml 22

I had noo idea that was sarcasm

Well us women love making sandwiches right?

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It's a pity that FML has people who don't get sarcasm so much that people have to point out when they are being sarcastic

Bet you had some nice conversations.

I would have left and returned at a later time. FYL.

You "had" to wait? Why couldn't you leave and come back after they left?

Because that would be even more awkward. would it have been more awkward?

Because then it would have been really obvious she didn't want to be around them.

If I don't want to be around someone I leave.... That's not awkward that's horse sense....

I think breaking up with them is a bit more obvious that she didn't want to be around them... Still don't see the awkwardness of it though

@20. That has nothing to do with "more awkward" If she leaves, then she doesn't have to deal with them. Awkwardness is result of dealing with something. The only thing awkward here is you posting something that does not make sense and defending it with an equally nonsense explanation.

Like someone else has already said, she may have had something really important to do and coming back wasn't an option. Or she might not have been able to get back to the bank till a few days later and that wouldn't have worked.

#35: She doesn't want to be around them. Why pretend she does when she could've easily excused herself for a few minutes and stood in line later with strangers?

All she would need to do was wait a few minutes until some more people were in line

There's a big difference between not wanting to date someone and not being able to stand their mere presence. There's a lot of people I don't want to date, but I don't mind being around them. Leaving the back simply because they also happen to be there would betray just how much they got under her skin. Also, that might have negative social ramifications if she still shares any mutual friends with either of them. Can you imagine? "I walked in the bank and Susie was there, but as soon as she saw me she left. She didn't even say, 'Hi.' I don't think she even did whatever she went to the bank for. She just straight up left the line!" I'd imagine her friends would probably think less of her after hearing that story. It would likely name her seem pretty petty, unless the guy was a complete and utter ass hole, in which case, they probably wouldn't have any mutual friends anymore.

You're also assuming she dumped both of them. Perhaps at least one of them dumped her. Leaving the bank just because he's there would show how much he hurt her, and I doubt she would him to have that satisfaction.

It was enough discomfort for her to post an FML... Contextual clues for the win.

Caught in the middle of the frying pan and the fire eh? I feel for you OP.

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Wow, I'm stealing this line. So many situations in my life where this is so true.