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By :-( - 17/07/2013 05:22 - Australia - Rozelle

Today, I finally convinced my mum to take me to a psychologist. As soon as he sat me down and asked me how I was doing, my mum burst into tears and went on a rant about how her life is terrible and she regrets everything. I was asked to sit in the waiting room. She used up my whole hour. FML
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I hope she can sort out her problems. Maybe then she can help OP and they'll both be happier!

Hahaahaha this is actually really funny! I wouldn't be surprised if this scene showed up in a comedy movie

I think she needs her own psychologist...

Yeah and OP I think you mom will get the help she need now

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My mom did that to me, too. Except I had to sit there in the room. -_-

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Awkward if you were the subject of some of the conversations

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Well your mom is getting the help she needs. And on the bright side, she's probably the one who paid for the session anyway. Maybe you'll get a turn next time. I suggest having her wait outside instead of sitting in on it though :)

It's good your mum is getting help she needs, maybe try taking a friend with you next time?

Why was she sitting in on your session? I wouldn't say a damn thing if my mum insisted on coming in with me...

I'm guessing since OP had to ask their mother to go to a psychologist that means either OP is underage or still is receiving financial support from their parent/s. Usually doctors like to hear someone close to the client's view of the clients behavior, etc. That doesn't mean OPs mother would always have gone in with OP, but it's common for the parent to go in with the child on the first meeting. Whenever I visit my psychiatrist every 3 months, she meets with me first then asks my mother to come in to get my mother opinion on how I am, because it's common for someone close to us to see how we are behaving/if our behavior has changed since they are not in our shoes and sometimes ones own opinion of his/herself can be bias. My two cents.

That's not always the case. Psychiatrist's understand that having parents in there can be detrimental and make the session unstable. The only time my mom came in with me was when she was part of an issue that was having a very negative effect on me and my counsellor needed to set a couple things straight with her. Other than that everything you say is under the privacy act, even if you're minor. Maybe only parents who aren't the problem are asked to come in, other than that I believe they speak to the parents on a one on one basis and don't release any information trusted to them; unless of course they have cause to worry about your safety. I never invited my mom to my sessions because they were about me, and not her. Sorry OP that your mom took away valuable time that could've helped you work through some issues. Hopefully your mom will apologize and set up her own appointments instead of dominating yours.

Your courage to seek help made her realize that she needs help too. You are helping yourself and your mum as well OP. Best of luck!

Maybe your mom needed it more than you but you'll get your chance.

Next time you should go by yourself... goodluck

I guess she had a lot of demons bottled up. Maybe it's something you guys could both talk out together, along with your problems.