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Today, a group of guys came into my restaurant, dressed up in some kind of role-playing game clothing. Apparently I pronounced one of their fake elf names wrong, because the guy complained to my manager, who then bitched me out in front of everyone for upsetting the customers. FML
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The OP deserved it for pronouncing the fake names of some overly butthurt geeks wrong? Oh dear is this the mindset of some people?

I'd have a hard time pronouncing narr'el'qeqqebdianlir too


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The OP deserved it for pronouncing the fake names of some overly butthurt geeks wrong? Oh dear is this the mindset of some people?

#1 has no clue what he's saying. All in favor..

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First comment gone to a waste, #1...

Pipe the **** down #1! sure I'd be a little upset if someone mispronounced something Important to me, but I certainly wouldn't flip my shit like that. No matter which fandom you're in, Elvish names are freaking confusing!

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If you're playing a fantasy LARP in a restaurant you're doing it ******* wrong! Restaurants are OOC. ****. You make the rest of us considerate LARPers look bad.

Op, you should have used potion of invisibility. Then you could have escaped through the midst of everyone. (Human or otherwise)

The LARPer was a jerk, and shouldn't do shit like that, but OP sounds kind of overly judgmental.

#31 Are you sure it was an OOC area? They could have been playing elves who passed through a dimensional portal from their land. Of course, involving random people in their game is pretty douchy. And the more I read those two first sentences the less likely I think it is. My real question is why did OP even try to pronounce the elflord's name? Just take the order and deliver the food. OP YDI for spending more time than absolutely necessary in their presence. FYL because they broke character and complained instead of ensorcelling you or shooting you in the eye with an arrow.

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Why does it matter how the waiter / waitress pronounces your name, real or fake? You may never even see him / her again. I have a difficult to pronounce real name and I don't correct people like that any more.

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I don't think it matters if it was an OOC area or not. You don't involve "normals" in a game they have no idea about.

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What is so "not normal" about LARP'ing? I don't LARP myself, but I don't point and tease at those that do. Civil War re-enacting is considered to be LARP'ing, and you don't see anyone condemning the old timers who embrace it... You'll be surprised how mainstream a lot of geeky/nerdy stuff is nowadays, so when you think about it, it's a perfectly normal and ordinary thing to encounter.

Correction. You /shouldn't/ involve normal in the game without their knowledge. That doesn't mean it doesn't happen. There's nearly 800,000 police officers enforcing the rules of America and they can't stop more than a tiny fraction of the rule breaking.

I agree with the fact that they were horrible LARPers if that is really what they were doing, and not simple cosplay. Unless of course they were RPing that they were sucked into another dimension and had to conform to the rules of that new world, as they learned in the last tavern they visited. OP, be glad you aren't in the first restaurant staff they encountered, which is probably currently hospitalized and waiting to press charges.

#1: Holy shit, you're a ******* loser lol. You know NORMAL people don't give two ***** what you're talking about, right? I would laugh my ass off at any RPing little nerd I saw, whether I was at work or not.

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How the hell did he deserved that for not pronouncing a ******* name right. You're a douche if you really believe that.

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GUYS GUYS Its possible that 1 was joking. Calm your collective pair of ****.

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In summary, some dorks can in and played the role of assholes. Does that make it any clearer?

Hey, don't be so mean to Sheldon Cooper. He will build a death ray and blast your ass.

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that is very unprofessional of your manager...what a prick. I would not put up with that shit.

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Actually to the people thumbing this one down. Managers can't chastise employees in front of other employees or the customer. It's very unprofessional and just makes it 10x worst for the employee in trouble. What should have happened is the manager apologize to the customers and take the employee to the office or constructive criticism. Unless OP is over exaggerating.

Isn't the customer always right, even when that's totally wrong? When ever the customer gets angry, expect the blame to go to you or another employee. You just can't beat stupid people.

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Yes, but to be yelled at and addressing the problem professionally are two different things.

@8 The manager /can't/ chastise an employee publicly because it's unprofessional? I'm pretty sure managers CAN do all sorts of things, professional or not.

It's pronounced MXYZSPTLCK MX-YZS-PT-LCK!!! WHY is that so hard to understand!?!?

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No! No! No! it's MXYZSPTLCK not KCLTPSZYXM! Wait oh Shi...... *pop* *disappears*

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I've had that happen to me. fyl.

Oh dear. FML caters to everyone, so if you don't like snarky comments, then just leave. You won't be missed.

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LARP is serious shit. (No, I'm not being a smart ass.)

LARP seems pretty cool but some LARPers are utter asshats. I saw a youtube video where this guy was explaining LARP to a passerby, and the guy said "oh, so you're a barbarian like the Celts?" and the LARPer bitched him out saying "no, gah! I'm a barbarian from the mystical plains of Ashgeroath, are you dumb?" or something like that.

The bitch slap was invented for a reason. (Not in op's case because of the work environment, but still.)

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LARP is okay, but leave the bullshit at the game. ******* dorks.

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That's ok I've gotten yelled at for bringing out melted butter that wasn't melted enough. People need something to complain about.

That's when you beat the holy hell out of them and claim self defense.

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That method is how you not get tips and obtain a court order. Might not wanna do that.