By Peter - 27/12/2011 02:24 - United States

Today, we found out where our daughter had been hiding her crayons. We also found out why our stereo stopped working. FML
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I know how you feel, I always forget to plug them in.

deathpotato 11

It must have made a very colorful sound.


I know how you feel, I always forget to plug them in.

asoptavlo14 6

Imagine what else was in that stereo system.. I mean come on, if you were a kid would you JUST stick crayons in there?

Well, where was she hiding her crayons? And why did your stereo stop working?

24- That's either a really bad joke, or you need to stare at the FML a little while longer.

24- ....smh. -_-" I try to be nice, but it's so hard with people like you..

Isaac_The_Man 0

#24 I was just wondering the same thing but I'm gonna take a wild guess that the crayons were in the stereo? *sarcastic*

Well, that's what happens when you don't supervise your daughter correctly.

2 - Woah really? Children are unpredictable. They do their own thing. Doesn't mean they weren't supervising their daughter correctly.

Kefka91 15

2 - yeah because parents are totally omnipotent beings who can drop everything in their lives for several years to constantly watch a child 24/7.

btstig 11

Whoa guys back off a little. It's apparent that (2) doesn't have any kids. Doesn't make em the devil. For real though get your head out of your ass man. Wait till you have kids. Hahahaha

Its things like this where i know i wont ever buy my kids this stuff, or just only have them use it under my supervision

deathpotato 11

That sounds a little too strict, bro.

Im just saying if they paint on my door, or color my TV screen im gonna save myself the potential sanity, and not rage like a madman on crack and scare them, and telling mommy: daddys mean! >=o

Or to solve all that, don't have kids. BAM! Problems solved before it happened.

Or... You could buy them paper so they don't need to color your door... I think your kids will ask for crayons, and when you deny them they'll think you're mean anyway.

deathpotato 11

It must have made a very colorful sound.


It would but the stereo isn't working because it's full of crayons.


5- no they're not. The crayons are hidden in various locations as depicted on a Map of manhattan. The stereo doesn't work because the family forgot to pay rent. Damn! Did you read what the op said at all??


Maybe you should hide your daughter in the stereo when you throw it out.

My nephew once stuffed an old VHS with his Matchbox cars. Harmless looking things are electronics' worst enemy! Always gotta watch the kiddies!

jaredjudd21 2

Oh I get it, she hid the stereo inside the crayons

me_gusta_eso 1

Fellow redditor, the weasle runs at midnight?

I'm sorry I mean what time does the narwhale bacon?

Clearly she's young since she's hiding crayons in the stereo.

btstig 11

Hats off to you for making the creepy comment of the morning 15.

btstig 11

Does the commenter really need to know the age of said child?? Or does it fulfill one of their personal fantasies? Really is none of their business.

50 - you really have issues if you think asking for a child's age makes one some kind of pervert. How is the age related? Well, most kids above a certain age should know better than to put crayons there. Imagine OP's daughter being 16. An even bigger reason for an FML in my opinion.

btstig 11

51 you really have issues if you take everything everyone says on this site seriously. Supposed to be awkward fvcking humor until the god damn FML police showed up. Sorry guys nothing but honest and truthful anecdotal comments from now on. Blow me.

I see comments on FML in 2 categories - funny (either sarcastic or not, doesn't matter) or serious. Yours clearly doesn't fit the first category, so I took it as being serious. I should add a third category - serious until someone objects, then turns to trolling. I'm going way off-topic here though, so if you feel like continuing the conversation, just pm m... Or wait, no, please don't.

btstig 11

I deeply apologize that my comments don't hit some intellectual level that you look for in life. I repeat. BLOW ME.

btstig 11

I also don't change my stance in thinking that it's creepy that some 19 Y old kid was wondering the age of Ops daughter. It's ******* creepy.

rawrautumnz 7

Well, I'm 15 and I still eat crayons... Why, is that wrong? :O

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