By Beth - 28/04/2013 13:16 - United States - Raleigh

Today, my parents decided to wake me up on my birthday. They flashed the lights and yanked off my bed sheets. I sleep naked. FML
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This is my nightmare but hey it's not like they don't know what your body looks like.

I bet your sheets smell like ass.


This is my nightmare but hey it's not like they don't know what your body looks like.

Right ?! I would've started dancing in my birthday suit *techno beat*

Why would someone take that chance?>.

If it was a male... Morning wood would have been more awkward.

33, It has happened to me a few times, just the worst.

I rarely get morning wood

Morning wood wouldn't make it more awkward. I'd make it more awkward by not attempting to cover up. Then they'd leave and let me get dressed and possibly take care of my morning wood in peace. Birthday Happy to you OP.

My mom always uses that excuse to get offended when I tell her to leave the room so I can change. "Hey, I changed your diapers and wiped your butt! I pushed you out of me like a giant poop!" -_-

I'm sorry but I will never be able to explain my strange mother to you. That's coming from the same person who thought a cameltoe was when you wear socks with flip flops and had been using that term for 50 years before discovering what it really means. And I'm pretty sure there were doctors present when I was born unless she had me in a toilet, which would explain why she compares it to pooping D:

You know... Maybe when she was giving birth... She "pushed" out more than just a newborn?

There's your problem!

maybe she compared you to pooping because you ain't nothing but shit

Well, #1, if they didn't before, they certainly do now!

@75, it's actually pretty common for women to poop when they push as they give birth! If I recall correctly, there's actually an FML in which the OP had to pretend to give birth during a play and pretended a little too well, 'cause they shit themselves on stage.

@72 i agree with 75, why does your mum seem to WANT to see you naked...?? Also, parents should really learn to knock.

It's more of a problem that some of the really conservative parents just plain freak out

Well the only thing is, a naked baby's body and a naked teen/adult's body look COMPLETELY different. I saw my brothers naked when they were babies, but that doesn't mean I would know what they look like now at 17 and 20!

thanks for giving me a laugh for the day!

There are times in life in life where you need to erect a stance of defiance. Not so sure you needed to bare that much sensitive skin. Perhaps you need to get thicker skin and learn to either be proud of your naked ideas, or better prepare yourself to hide your nakedness.

A swing and a miss, 49.

What is 49 talking about..?

I was trying to think of different terms to use while someone is naked. All in good fun. I never did look to see the sex of the op. was entertaining myself I guess.

I bet your sheets smell like ass.

You're probably jealous your sheets don't smell like ass more often...

My sheets smell like decaying unicorn horns. U jelly?

I don't want my sheets to smell like ass... Regardless if it's a woman's or my own.

Should have looked them dead in the eyes and fell back asleep.

OP would have to be pretty talented to fall back asleep while giving parents the death glare, but imagine the parents' potential reaction!

Hope you weren't sleeping in a really weird, exposed position...but FYL, I'd be mortified either way. Next time they'll know to knock.

Hopefully. Although if both of my parents had done that to me (I sleep naked too) my dad would be embarrassed and my mom would be upset and I'd just be like "give me back my darn covers!" So yeah. But not all parents learn from mistakes like that.

I think someone is going after the comment badge. :P

Be glad it wasn't a big surprise with friends, family, cameras - the whole lot! :)

I remember my mom once invited some of my neighbors without me knowing and I came out of the shower naked. Good times!

A surprise for everyone involved! The best kind if you ask me.

That has happened to me before. Don't worry OP they won't be bothering you again.

This is why I lock my door.

She might not have a door on her room, I didn't until I had my own place and it was awful.

most doors don't have locks, mine doesn't

Why would you sleep naked if your door doesn't have locks.... I wouldn't risk it

because sleeping naked feels awesome

Also, not many parents will go in and rip the covers off! I know both my parents know not to in any circumstance!!

I don't have a door and I sleep in a loft.

Not all teens an children have the luxury of their parents letting them own a door knob that has a lock.

My lock is broken... My only protection is the fact that my bed is around a sharp corner, giving me a moment to wake up and cover up.