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  xoconnie  |  8

OUCH, thats gotta hurt.. either they hate you or actually forgot, but im leaning towards the hate you. :(

but whatever, WHY would u want to spend time with people who forget to tell you something like that? move on and dont give them a second glance!

  marinus_fml  |  19

7- I am referring to a chronic bad smell. For example, that person that never brushed their teeth, washed their hair, always wore the same set of clothes, and had gaping shoes.

And being in the gym doesn't make you a smelly person. I still wash my hair, brush my teeth, shower a minimum of once per day, and have good hygiene. Yes gymning may temporarily make you a bit sweaty, but I always wear deodorant and aftershave anyway.

Anyways, enough of this long rant, my point is there's a difference between smelly people and exercising.

Lastly, I know OP probably wasn't the smelly one, rather, she was the one with glasses.

By  perdix  |  29

Boys don't make passes
At girls who wear glasses ;)

Usually, people go out of their way to bring the fat, ugly losers to the class reunion so they look thin and pretty by comparison.

  perdix  |  29

Guys, that's just a saying. It's not my personal motto.

Some girls look great in glasses. They find it odd that I want them to keep them on when we're "doing it ." ;)