By katt_is_here - United States - Greeley
  Today, my mother came over to my apartment for a surprise visit. It wasn't until after she left that I realized that I left a half empty bottle of adult toy cleaner on the counter in the bathroom. FML
katt_is_here tells us more :
OP here! To answer some questions: 1) The bottle...well, it's pretty damn obvious what it is considering it has GIANT letters on it that say "Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner" next to a image of a girl dancing with a giant dildo like a stripper pole. If she did see it, it is more than obvious what it is used for. 2) Soap can damage some toys so it's better to get a cleaner specifically designed for the items you are cleaning. You wouldn't wash your windows with oven cleaner, for example. 3) I guess some people missed where I said "SURPRISE" visit. As in I wasn't expecting her. As in there is A LOT of things I would have done to prepare had I known she was coming. I'm not messy, but most people clean their place better when they are expecting company, no? 4) I pay my own bills. This apartment is no more hers than my toys are. Either way, I thought it was a funny and somewhat embarrassing story to share. Have a good one!
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  Playitlovely  |  13

In her own home when she lives alone? I use my toys daily and as such my cleaner has a special place near my sink. You are allowed to put things where ever you want in your own damn place.

By  debbster7  |  18

At least she didn't say anything! That would have been so awkward.

But seriously though, I don't think you should be that embarrassed about it. Who knows how many bottles she's gone through...