By katt_is_here - 06/10/2013 05:51 - United States - Greeley

Today, my mother came over to my apartment for a surprise visit. It wasn't until after she left that I realized that I left a half empty bottle of adult toy cleaner on the counter in the bathroom. FML
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katt_is_here tells us more.

OP here! To answer some questions: 1) The bottle...well, it's pretty damn obvious what it is considering it has GIANT letters on it that say "Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner" next to a image of a girl dancing with a giant dildo like a stripper pole. If she did see it, it is more than obvious what it is used for. 2) Soap can damage some toys so it's better to get a cleaner specifically designed for the items you are cleaning. You wouldn't wash your windows with oven cleaner, for example. 3) I guess some people missed where I said "SURPRISE" visit. As in I wasn't expecting her. As in there is A LOT of things I would have done to prepare had I known she was coming. I'm not messy, but most people clean their place better when they are expecting company, no? 4) I pay my own bills. This apartment is no more hers than my toys are. Either way, I thought it was a funny and somewhat embarrassing story to share. Have a good one!

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At least you're sanitary. It's better than not cleaning them at all.

Well at least she didn't call you out and make it awkward


Well at least she didn't call you out and make it awkward

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Agreed! She could have really embarrassed you.

I'm just curious. Why not use dial gold its antibacterial and I'm sure a lot cheaper

True enough. OP should realize that pretty well everyone has masturbated at one point, the only awkward thing about it is discussing it.

#21 Probably because adult toy cleaning products make your adult toy safer to put back wherever you put it.

She didn't call the OP out because she probably used it herself.

Guess she won't be dropping by to surprise you again.

Her surprise visit turned out to be a surprise to her

#28 wouldn't a antibacterial soap do the same thing? I mean surgeons use antibacterial before operating. Just thought that it may be a more cost effective solution

At least you're sanitary. It's better than not cleaning them at all.

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she's probably too old to realize.she probably thought it was windex

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32, besides being ageist, I would venture a guess that you've never seen a bottle of adult toy cleaner. I've never seen it packaged even remotely like Windex.

That awful! But you still should put stuff like that up the second you are done with it and not leave it lying around.

In her own home when she lives alone? I use my toys daily and as such my cleaner has a special place near my sink. You are allowed to put things where ever you want in your own damn place.

Exactly, if you're old enough to have your own place, you shouldn't be embarrassed about it.

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She's probably not coming over for another surprise visit anytime soon

Well you are an adult

You'd be surprised what parents don't tell their kids...your mom may just have something in common with you and understands

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At least she didn't say anything! That would have been so awkward. But seriously though, I don't think you should be that embarrassed about it. Who knows how many bottles she's gone through...

she should be happy your using clean toys..

She may not of noticed.

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Interesting the someone from Great Britain would have issues with the English language... May not HAVE noticed.*

Who cares? It's a mistake. Just move along. *waits patiently for thumb downs and grammar nazis*

#41 I find it ironic how you also made a mistake in your comment on making mistakes *that ok, you can thumb me down

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Ahh irony. Typing too fast.

Cleanliness is next to.. um ya.