By Anonymous - 30/10/2014 22:16 - Israel - Tel Aviv

Today, my now ex-boyfriend actually tried to justify his cheating by saying it doesn't count as cheating if the girl's bisexual. FML
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Did it count if you cheat with a bisexual guy ?

WallyQ 18

You're better off without that thinking in your life


WallyQ 18

You're better off without that thinking in your life

I believe it's a fyl because cheating is one of the worst things you can do to people and OPs much better without him. However I believe it's also a YDI because OP shouldn't talk to thier cheating ex anyway to where this FML could be made possible.

KariAnn7985 8

My guess would be that she didn't talk to him after they broke up. She's just saying that he is now her ex....for the very reason this FML exists.

cheshireau 26

Exactly, you are much better off. Once I told a guy that I was Bi Sexual and he proceeded to tell me that girls use the excuse that they are Bi Sexual so they can justify cheating on guys. I'm so OP.

Did it count if you cheat with a bisexual guy ?

euphoricness 28

It depends on if a banana was involved

If I said it once, I've said it a thousand times, bananas should always be evolved in everything.

35 banannarama but only if you use a moon stone

It depends on where you leave it and for how long.

I don't think that even he believes that's true. People are getting dumber and dumber with their excuses for cheating. But then again, they were dumb enough to do it and get caught in the first place.

Do it and get caught .... How about dumb enough to do it instead of ending the old relationship before dipping into another one.

drunkmunkey 24

have sex with his best friend and tell him it doesn't count because it's a friend of his.... makes as much sense as what he told you, keep your head up OP

But wouldn't that just make them both equally guilty??

Goblin182 26

sucks op but he's to immature, at least you finally got rid of someone who would just make your life complicated

Ugh, it's almost as bad as him trying to blame you for his cheating. F him, and your life.

Pretty sure that OP isn't going to F him any more.

You're better off without that kind of idiot in your life. Better luck next time OP! :)

Fighting fire with fire is not usually the best option. OP should just dump his ass and move on to a guy who's more mature and who's more considerate.

Wow you're better off without him OP! That is the worst excuse I've heard, fyl.