By Hotdamn - 21/03/2016 04:32 - United States - San Francisco

Today, my girlfriend and I were getting hot and steamy in the shower, until I slipped and fell backwards into the shower curtain, which caused me to hit the back of my head on the toilet seat, and the bar of the shower curtain to land on my throat. FML
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Ooh sorry OP. That's why they call it slippery when wet. Hope you feel better.

Talk about a mood killer


Ooh sorry OP. That's why they call it slippery when wet. Hope you feel better.

Yes never have shower sex 99% of the time you'll end up in the ER

But it's all about the 99% reeeeeeeER

Talk about a mood killer

OP will need some pain killers after that fall...

On the bright side, at least you didn't grab your girlfriend as you fell and bring her down with you. Did she immediately rush to your aid and check if you were ok? If so, marry her!

No marry her if she fell down laughing

Sorry you wrecked like that. I've slipped in the shower before while getting it on and it's no fun. I gave it up after hurting my knee lol.

Did you guys finish?

asking the real questions

That's the kind of shit to kill people lol Sorry OP! Hope you weren't hurt too badly.

You know what you need? A ducky mat for your shower that way you won't slip when you're getting hot and steamy. Your girlfriend will be so impressed by your caution it'll be a guaranteed 300% boost of hot and steamy times in the shower.

Duky mat! Sorry it reminded me of big bang theory

I'm really sorry that happened. Are you ok?

Is the toilet ok?