By 2fast4U - Canada - Vancouver
Today, some of my coworkers have complained that I don't do my share of the work, though they can't specify exactly what I'm not getting done. Apparently, being too efficient and finishing first means I mustn't have done anything at all. The supervisor sided with them. FML
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  turdwrangler  |  18

And it's the people like you who are the cause of this FML.
Why take pride in your efficiency when you can get paid more for doing less right? Bunch of lazy assholes.

  ThatHorse  |  15

That's fine if you want to work for 4 hours a day and get paid for those 4 hours instead of working for and getting paid for 8 hours.
I don't care how much work gets done as long as I have more to do. But if I might run out you bet your ass I'm going to be slowing down and taking my time. I ain't getting my pay cut cause I'm too good at my job.

  LivToFail  |  28

Maybe, i'm still a highschooler so I wouldn't say I know much, but I do think working hard is important... If you work more and are worth more to the company, cant you ask for a raise? Then you get less hours and same if not more pay... Just an honest question..

  UserError94  |  18

Personally as a manager, I spend the hours I have a day on the hard working associates, whereas the slackers get minimum hour requirements until they quit from "unfairness". If you want more hours you work harder, simple as that. However, I don't work in an office, and I don't have to deal with quota or deadliness. I can see how dragging out a term can be beneficial to oneself. Although if you care about the company and want to move up the ladder, you need to do things to the best of your ability, and promptly to save your company work man hours. Don't let your work go unnoticed though. It may be hard to do with the relationships you have in your workplace, but you need to get yourself to stand out. Which usually involves a mild amount of ass kissing ;)

There's a saying amongst higher ups in my line of work: you can grovel and complain in the dirt with the troops, or you can rise up, boost moral and be the leader. A positive energy is just as intoxicating as a bad one.