By conbon123 - 29/04/2013 07:20 - United States - Beaverton

Today, my dog became scared of his own food bowl. He now barks for ages every time he sees it. FML
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He's all bark and no bite, literally.

Put his food in an R/C dump truck and make it drive away whenever your dog goes for it. You've got an insane dog, so you might as well have fun with it.


He's all bark and no bite, literally.

I see what you did there:)

I'm wondering, how does a dog get scared of his own food bowl? Mine chews his food bowl any chance he gets and he's a very large dog. Unless its a chihuahua, those dogs get scared of their own shadow -_- haha

I know a dog that is literally afraid of it's own shadow. They have places for it to go to the bathroom inside because it refuses to leave the house.

My dog is scared of water bowls and will only drink outside - No idea why. He's fine with it if the same said bowl has food in it... ( he's not scared of water either )

If you think Chihuahuas are scared of anything, you've never owned Chihuahuas before. Those little things think they can take on anything.

My girlfriends grandmother has 2 of the satans dogs, they may think they can take on anything when it's not actually there -_- but once you look, move towards, or anything, they run away. They usually bark at anything that moves away from them until it goes to towards them haha

Try changing it to another bowl or in another colour?

But then the dog would bark because it'd be wrong

Aren't dogs color blind...

ummmm you do know dogs are color blind right? The color doesnt mean crap.

Dogs aren't color blind. They just see things in muted colors. Though a dog would be able to tell if you've changed it food bowl anyway.

Like the comment above me said: they aren't color blind. They can see blues and yellows fine, but unlike us, their ancestors didn't spend hundreds of years finding red stuff on a green background. =P

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Time for some "whispering." :)

The dog probably wouldn't hear it over the incessant barking.

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#23, is your profile pic supposed to be Isaac Clarke from Dead Space?

YouTube My Brand!

Dogbowlaphobia is a severe condition among the canine species which requires major doggie therapy. For more information call 1-800-DOGBOWL

I tried calling. It was a sex hotline. 20 minutes for $20 was a good deal though.

What do you feed him? O.o

My dog refuses to eat anything that isn't a delicacy in his eyes. He's a real pain in the ass, he would starve to death before he ate a kibble.

Mix the dry dog food in with the canned ones and each time, slowly put less and less of the can one. You should learn a little more about animal behaviour if you're a pet owner. I've always had German shepherds, now a king shepherd and English black lab, dogs take on their owners habits, try to break him from those habits :p

That's what I do, I don't want anybody to think I give him cheeseburgers. I have to mix in a full can of wet food for every small cup of kibbles or else he won't eat anything.

I have tried to ween him off on multiple occasions, but notig ha worked. I just deal with it now, I have no problem spoiling my dog.

Typo city right there, just to clarify *nothing *has. My bad, I should have proofread it.

Well, some dogs are very hard to work with while trying to change their habits, I would give him his favourite treat every time he ate a bowl of dry dog food. We had to do that with one of our dogs before after we spoiled it with wet food for a year for some reason-_- haha good luck to you and your dog!

Put his food in an R/C dump truck and make it drive away whenever your dog goes for it. You've got an insane dog, so you might as well have fun with it.

Ten bucks says somehow that bowl ended up flying towards him in one way or another (Either stupid owner, or evil cat).

Are you sure he's a dog? Sounds more like a pussy to me...