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Haha damn, lock your door!

wtf... which college is this again?


Haha damn, lock your door!

He's drunk sweetheart. Welcome to college.

I never did find Chris.

Exactly! That's rule #1 of living in dorms

Are you mentally retarded? His door was locked..He made it clear he locked it in the post. Seriously! You need to go to a doctor.

71- Check the post again. He never said anything about the door being locked, he just said that some strange drunk guy was in his dorm

wtf... which college is this again?

maybe he lived there a semester before or something, thats kind of awkward though. lock your door!

Everybody Knows Chris

everybody loves chris.

i thought everybody hates chris.

I was with chris that night

well i mean, i love chris haha at least my chris..probably not the same sketchy guy that guy was looking for hahaha

Haha nice picture

ydi for leaving your door unlocked.. one of my friends got her laptop stolen while she was asleep in her room and she left her door unlocked and the key to her kensington lock on the hook by her door. anything can happen in the dorm.

Kensington locks are pretty useless, really, they're simple to rip out from the slot, and I doubt most thieves would be too concerned about a bit of snapped plastic...

Umm how about instead of shaming the victim, we put down the perpetrators instead hmm?

This has happened a lot in North Dakota Universities. I almost went to NDSU but my friends out there had so many horror stories about strangers sneaking into their rooms. So I decided Montana was best.. so far, no strangers in my room.

Where the heck did your friends live? That pretty much never happens at NDSU. I should know; I live in Fargo. We hear about everything that goes on around town, and there's never been anything like that.

Psh, you don't know who Chris is? Everybody knows Chris.

and everybody hates Chris!

Eeeeh did he take the bottle with him?

Is the fml he peed in the bottle instead of your face? Cause I'm guessing that's what you wanted :o